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Harvard Sustainability  Sharing photos of our #GreenHarvard community working toward a healthier, more sustainable future. Managed by the Office for Sustainability.

Today we released Harvard’s 2017 Sustainability Report detailing our progress in creating a healthier, fossil fuel-free campus. See how we’re doing. Full Report link in bio.

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A new 61.2 kW solar PV system was recently installed on the roofs of the Harvard Kennedy School's Ofer, Wexner, and Rubentstein Buildings. ☀️

The system's 153 panels will generate a portion of the campus' energy needs, and soon, community members will be able to see live generation through a publicly-accessible website.⠀

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Dean of Harvard College Rakesh Khurana stopped by the Environmental Action Committee's Earth Day Festival yesterday and our team snapped this priceless photo. ⠀

Always remember, @deankhurana drinks tap water and you should too!⠀

Shout out to the students of Green '20 for their awesome “Safe, free, and green tap water campaign” which continues to live on. ⠀

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Happy #EarthDay! We're committed to creating a healthier, more sustainable campus community 365 days of the year. ⠀

Thank you to all of our students, staff, faculty, and alumni making this possible! 🌎⠀

"We have the chance to build possibilities and realities for those who will follow us. Our efforts will enable what they can imagine and what they can do. Nowhere is this clearer to me than in your efforts to address climate change and sustainability." - President Drew Faust ⠀

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At last week's Sustainability Celebration honoring President Faust's unwavering vision and commitment to #sustainability, talented woodturner and undergraduate Jack Smith, College '19, presented President Faust with a handmade bowl carved from a tree that had to be taken down on Harvard's campus (we'll also be planting a new tree in President Faust's honor). Check out Jack's story below. ⠀

Repost from @wood_with_smith: Presenting Harvard President Drew Faust with a commissioned bowl made in honor of her sustainable legacy—a fine moment in the life of a turner. This piece has a story!⠀
People who know me know I’m a sustainability nut. I take most classes in the HUCE (Center for the Environment), which means I’ve had the pleasure of admiring the glorious cherry tree out in front nearly every day on my way to class. When my roommate texted one day saying that the tree was being taken down, I ran to get a piece. 🌳 The tree guys happily gave me a chunk of the trunk, which I wheeled down to the @harvardwoodturning studio, and rough-turned. From there I let it dry, resting and waiting for the right occasion to be finish-turned.⠀
When the Office for Sustainability asked me if I would craft something for President Faust to honor her sustainable legacy and leadership, I knew I had the perfect material. A rare tree from Harvard’s campus—that grew in front of the HUCE, no less!⠀
President Faust will be stepping down at the end of this year after more than a decade in office. Under her leadership, Harvard established its first Office for Sustainability, and has set, met, and re-set meaningful, ambitious climate goals. She is an amazing President and has inspired our community to work hard for what we believe in and to change the course of the future. She is also a scholar in her own right, specializing in antebellum history—a fact that inspired the carvings on the bottom of the bowl. (Stay tuned for a dedicated post about that!) In the end, I hope that this bowl lives a happy life on her desk, mantle, or shelf, reminding her of our immense gratitude for turning progress in a greener direction.⠀

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The @harvardkennedyschool just got a little bit greener! 190 plants were given out to staff and faculty at today's plant giveaway in honor of #EarthDay. All of the plants are natural air filters, helping to purify the air and remove toxins from our indoor environments. ⠀

🌱🌎🌿 ⠀

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Students in @HarvardChanSPH Professor Joe Allen's Healthy Buildings course took a "field trip" to @HarvardHBS this week. They toured the Green Roof on Batten Hall, home to the @harvardinnovationlabs, checking out the solar installation and beehives. ⠀

Next they visited the LEED Gold 1959 Memorial Chapel which features this beautiful indoor year-round garden. Biophilic design, incorporating elements of the outdoors and nature in interior spaces, is a focus of the class. ⠀

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Lara Tomholt, a graduate student @HarvardGSD and a member of our Council of Student Sustainability Leaders, spent her spring break participating in The Green Program, @greenprogram, learning more about food systems and sustainability. ⠀

"The Green Program is a short education program for students hosted in a small variety of locations in the world. It focuses on (sometimes location-specific) social and environmental issues and challenges and sustainable approaches. ⠀

While classes on sustainability are a part of it, the majority of the program consists of site visits and real-life exposure. The program in Hawai'i was centred around sustainable water, food and energy systems. ⠀

My particular interest is in food. The Green Program experience was an amazing opportunity for me to gain more knowledge and experience in food production and food systems, which - being a designer - is not part of my curriculum." - Lara Tomholt⠀

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Congrats to the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Development and Alumni Relations team on their Leaf Three #GreenOffice achievement!⠀

One replicable action the team took was switching to recycled content paper for their day-to-day printing and correspondence. ⠀

From energy saving actions to encouraging conservation measures, this group of sustainability-minded employees joins thousands of others across the University in helping us build a healthier, more sustainable campus. ⠀

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Are you participating in #HarvardClimbs? Each year @HarvardChanSPH and the awesome EcoOpportunity Team hosts the University-wide "Take the Stairs" campaign. ⠀

Participants are encouraged not only to take the stairs instead of elevators, but are also challenged to move whenever possible, and climbers can track their lunch time walks, evening commutes, even work outs. Teams track their flights of stairs per week (or the equivalents) in an attempt to "climb" to the destination. This year's challenge? New Hampshire's Presidential Range with a total altitude of 52,201 feet!⠀

Pictured are Ed Giovannucci and Sam Peisch from the Cancer Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention program climbing for their team: "Reliable Counts." 📷: Lorelei Mucci⠀

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A group of nine graduate students representing @harvardkennedyschool, @harvardgsd, @harvardmed, and @harvardchansph spent spring break working on stormwater management in New Orleans. ⠀
The students were working on the Subsurface Infrastructure Committee of Mayor-Elect LaToya Cantrell’s transition. They were tasked with developing options for improving stormwater management in the city, in order to reduce flood risk and increase social resilience. The students also offered options for improving funding for stormwater infrastructure to engage residents in budgeting decisions, to provide resources for residents to take action to reduce flood risk, and to allow the city to continue to invest in stormwater infrastructure. ⠀

The trip was organized by the Environment and Natural Resources Program at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.
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Two recent renovations by the Faculty of Arts & Sciences were the awarded the first and second #LEED v4 Commercial Interiors certifications in Massachusetts by the @usgbc. The Science Center - Cabot Library Project and Extavour Lab project sought to modernize and enhance the learning and research experience for students while prioritizing energy efficiency and sustainable design. LEED v4 is a more rigorous standard than its predecessor, incorporating improvements in the areas of health, energy reduction, materials life-cycle and water efficiency. “Harvard continues to serve as a model for how organizations can adapt and evolve to address the changing landscape of sustainable practices with the focus on health and wellbeing. These certifications serve as great case studies on what is achievable when there are proactive environmental and green building goals in place,” said the USGBC’s Jaime Van Mourik.
#greenharvard #Harvard #sustainability #laboratory #greenbuilding (Photo credits: Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects, Perkins+Will/Greg Premru)

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