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Green4u  Writer, Mom, non-profit/foundation professional, and speaker who cares about the planet and living a healthy. EV owner/aspiring vegan 💚 Give to NRDC👇🏻

Total Mom fail... Did not see this card in his backpack till tonight! Oops. I think the portrait is pretty accurate, my hair is longer than that but otherwise correct. He says he wants me to wear a dress all the time. #daylate #momlife

Happy Mothers Day to EVERY woman out there... You don't have to have kids, furry babies or whatever else anyone says you need to be a Mom. We are all out there doing the best for friends and family and that matters and should be appreciated today! ❤️ #happymothersday

Took tons of pictures today this is one of the best... Almost every picture someone is not looking at the camera. #lookoverhere #whatareyoulookingat #brothersisterlove ❤️

This old guys has been super out of sorts very recently. Going to the vet for a work up tomorrow lets hope it is not serious. #olddog #11yearsold #tanorexic

Favorite chant so far: less invasions more equations! #marchforscience #marchforsciencenyc

Just finished one side of my March For Science poster... The other her is my daughter who will be standing to the left of me at all times 😉. #marchforscience #climatechange #momofafuturescientist #nyc 🔬🔭⚗

Pinterest inspired but not Pinterest worthy. Tasted awesome though. #pinterestfail #happyeaster

We took the Tesla for his first trip to @applegatefarmic and we decided to use the Easter Egg in the recent update to doodle. We are going to be here a lot! @teslamotors #modelS #tesla #icecream #maurice

My son brings his plate over to me and says "Mommy look I ate my sandwich so it would look like the poop emoji." 💩 #thiskid #comedian

This quote just spoke to me today. #climatehope #wecandothis

Saw this on GASAN on FB. No further caption needed. #climatechangeisreal #cleanair #loveearth

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