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Jamaal Juan Thomas  FitDad with Fitness aspirations 🏋🏽 Trynna Figure Life Out As Well As Myself!! #FamOverEveryThing #LibraScale

Had To Hit A Quicky This AfterNoon No Pun Intended (Which Im Not Good At) But None The Less Was A Good WorkOut!! Hit A Back And Shoulder SuperSet With Rows And SingleArm ShoulderPress....From Their We Decided To Hit Some Decline Benching While Working Ip From 225 For Max Reps To This 275 For Max Reps And Then Two Sets Of 315 For A Double And Then A Single😔But Actually Felt Pretty Strong Considering Calories Been Lacking All Weekend Being Ive Been Running And Ripping With My Daughters And Hitting BDAY Parties All Weekend🤘🏾Water Levels Were Fawked Too But We Dont Make Excuses When We In Their!! ShoutOut @j_robinson_fit For Another Good ☝️ As Always!! Now To Actually Fuel Up All Night For These Memorial Day Gains In The AM!!

😂😂😂😂 This Cracks Me Up My Baby Is So Scared Of Dogs LMAO!! You See The FootWork Tho......Choppin Dem Steps Like Deion Sanders Out Their I Swear I Watched This About 50 Times🤣😂Gotta Love Me Cynthia😘

Shoulders In The Bags Now 💯And What A Night It Was!! Blew🌪 Thru A Gang Of Lifts In What Seemed Like No Time At All, BarBell Work Is My Favorite In Pretty Much Any WorkOut!! But We Definitely Did A Gang Of Other Shit, Cables, DumBells, PullUps, Pretty Much EveryThing!! Shrugged Our Asses Off Too In The Process Thanx To @j_robinson_fit And When The Homey @cleftychin Is Around Ya Just Gotta Go Heavy As Fuck🙅🏾‍♂️Great Night At The Bar FoShooo💥

Shoulder Shrugs Which I Haven't Been On At All And It Shows And A New Twist We Decided To Add On The Single Arm Shrug!! Really A Different Feel With The BarBell Instead Of The SmithMachine, Forces You To Activate Those Stabilizers!! As You Can Tell Ya Boy Sweated Up Out Of That Damn T-Shirt At This Point Of The WorkOut!! Got Some Good Work In Tonight🤘🏾

💥Banging Out Some WideGrip UpRight Rows

Had 2 Get A Pic During A Good Ass Shoulder Routine With Some Like Minded Individuals!! Key 🔑 To Progression If Ya Ask Me Is Get The Toxic People Away From You And Get With Some Similarly Goal Oriented Peeps!! In This Case A Few Kats Who Just Wanna Be BigAndStrong As Fawk And Ultimately Use The Grit And Grind You Harness In The Gym To Apply It To EveryDay Life!! Got The Cuzzo More Like Brotha @j_robinson_fit And The BigHomey And GymManager At My Second Home And Also Manassas Nutrition Corner Employee @dboyfitness Rockin Some Of Their Comfortable Ass T-Shirts!! 💥

On The Money 💰 With This One!!

First I Was Like 😔Now Im Like 🤷🏾‍♂️ Amazing How Things Can Change Your OutLook On Life🤘🏾Gotta Roll With Them Punches 🤛🏽 💥💯

Gang Of PullDown Variations From BackDay Too!! Im Boutta Bring These RearDelts Back Where They Once Were💯 Most Of Yall Aint Fuckin Wit Me When It Comes To BehindTheNeck......Well AnyThing Really!! PullDowns Especially So We Boutta Spend This Next Two Months Focusing On That As Far As UpperBody Goes While Strengthening This Package 📦 OverAll!! 🙅🏾‍♂️

Late Post Alert 🚨 From Last Weeks BackAttack
ShoutOut @j_robinson_fit With The Sick 😷 Sound 🔊 Effects In The BackGround 😂😂

Great Leg Day Went Down!! Gang Of Squats And Hypertrophy Work And Deads As Usual!! Trynna Get My DeadLift Back Where It Needs To Be So Back To Incorporating Elevation🔑 Great Work Tonight With The Fellas @j_robinson_fit @allenbaltimore

🎬Gang Of Back Work Tonight And It Was Much Needed!! Started Off With Bent-Over Rows And Made The Transition To DeadLifts!! Was Humbled By 500 But Know I Had That Shit And Will Smash It Next Time!! Then Onto Some Other Rowing Variations, Followed By Alot Of Cable PullDowns With Different Grips!!💯

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