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Juice Cleanse + Detox Experts  🍏 Find us in Melb, AUS > 2 store locations: CHADSTONE + PRAHRAN 🚐 We deliver across VIC + metro areas AUS wide 💚 Website and news. Click link👇🏼


Mineral rich ✔️ Zero cholestorol ✔️ Protein boost ✔️ Dairy Free ✔️ Vegan ✔️ 100% organic ✔️ 100% delicious ✔️ ...with a side of apothyllite and clear quartz crystal energy. Extra buzz in The New Yorker [Urban Warrior Fuel] smoothie this morning 😉 Have you seen our collection of beautiful crystals in the Prahran elixir bar? Nourishing mind, body + spirit #greenestreetjuice

4 out of 5 Australian adults are not eating enough fruit and vegetables in order to meet the minimum Dietary Guidelines. This makes us sad...and we're on a mission to change this 🍎🍐🍊🍋🍌🍉🍇🍓🍑🍒🥥🥝🍍🥑🥦🥕🥒🌽🍅 How did you get your fruit and veg in today? We drank ours 😉 📷@raw_manda #greenestreetjuice

Juice, crystals and the latest edition of @aconsciouscollection mag. Happy #wellnesswednesday from the Prahran elixir bar. How do you do Wellness Wednesday? #greenestreetjuice

Have you ever wondered what Essential Oils are? Should you use them and how they can benefit you? 
If you are interested in learning more about Essential Oils and the potent properties they hold, we have added new @alternativewayco Intro to Essential Oils workshop dates > check out our stories for link to book. 
We cover all the basics regarding essential oil use: including methods of application, common practice guidelines, top tips, safety guidelines and an opportunity to discuss any areas of your life where you may like to specifically incorporate oils. We also focus on our fave detox + gut health oils and simple everyday detox tips to feel better, think better + look better 📷@alternativewayco #greenestreetjuice

Smiles all around when you’ve got your daily dose of juice! 😁 Happy Monday lovelies! 📷@the_nourish_nook #greenestreetjuice

Did you know that there is no full moon in Feb 2018? (This is referred to as a black month.) 🌙 It's the perfect time to do some deep inner work, which will shine brightly on the outside when we welcome the full moon back again in March. 🙏🏻
If you want to cleanse in sync with the energy this month, we suggest the following menu to give your thyroid some extra love and support, crafted by our lovely team naturopath, Jen: 💆🏼‍♀️
1. High Line / 2. Central Park Smoothie / 3. The Bronx / 4. @proplenish Smoothie / 5. Greene Spice / 6. West Village / 7. Sea Vegetable Broth / 8. Gotham City.
For a specific cleanse program, naturopathically tailored for your needs, you can speak to Jen on our customer service line ☎️ (03) 9645 3356  #greenestreetjuice

Do you struggle to maintain your healthy weekday routines over the weekend? 
Here's 3 tips to inject some healthy habbits into this weekend to help keep you on track: .
1. Squeeze in a longer workout without feeling rushed. Try a new class at the gym or take your workout outdoors to a beautiful park or on the beach! ☀️
2. Designate some time for R & R. Scheudle at least an hour or 2 (or more!) of "you" time. This will help keep stress levels down which has a flow on effect for better health and happines. ❤️
3. Set yourself up for success. Allocate some time to plan the week ahead, stock up on nourishing goodies, meal prep, schedule your work-outs for the week ahead. 👍🏻
You've got this. We are cheering you on! 🙌🏻
📷 @sunnyjunebug

DID YOU KNOW: it takes 5 days for your intestinal epithelical cells to be replaced by newbies?! 😱😱😱 .
Imagine what you could achieve for improved gut health by commiting to a 5 day cleanse! 🎉
5 days of pure, organic liquid nourishment, crafted to suit your needs and objectives, loaded with gut loving goodies. ✨
THINK: a happy tummy; eliminate bloating; sooth inflammation; reduce systmptoms of candida, IBS or IBD; increased energy; glowing from the inside out. Welcome to your new beginning. 🙏🏻
To book your cleanse, go to www.greenestreetjuice.com / call us: (03) 9645 3356 / email: orders@greenestreetjucie.com [Orders outside Vic can be booked via phone or email] xo

New Moon in Aquarius. 🌙 The new moon is a time for introspection, reflecting on what needs to be shifted and changed internally. This month is all about getting it right on the inside first.
It is said that the Thyroid hormones are more sensitive on the Aquarius New Moon. Give your thyroid extra support this month with: iodine rich foods such as sea veggies; healthy fats and mineral-rich foods such as avo + nuts; and be particular about keeping stress levels low by scheduling in R & R, walks through nature, meditation and yin yoga. 💚 📷 @alison__wu #greenestreetjuice

Feel the self love. 💖
Love starts with loving YOU, deeply and unconditionally. #selflovefirst ❤️ #greenestreetjuice 📷@theselflovemovementgc

Love is in the Earth ✨ Deep within the Earth’s surface, a melting pot gives rise to crystals of immense beauty and powerful energies. We are obsessed with these incredible gifts of nature. Anyone else?🙋🏻‍♀️ The Prahran elixir bar is overflowing with good vibes with new crystal arrivals today. Check out our stories to see the current full selection. Which one of our new arrivals is your fave?
#goodvibes #crystalenergy #healing #💖

Our kind of Green(e) 🌿
Plant smiles, grow laughter, harvest love. 💚

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