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Why is a gorilla holihoop dance off going on outside of my slum apartment @ 7

Back in Vancouver now with the rain, But last week @markuspolkki and I accidentally somehow stumbled into fashion week at the Tate Modern.
#1 is Salvador Dali , he found lobsters and telephones strangely erotic which I guess makes this a sexy lobster phone?

#2 is Monet

#4 is a Jackson Pollock

#5 is a self portrait from Andy Warhol

The others are things are pieces that I thought were good. I really do not understand most of modern Art though, and nobody has neither the time and crayons to explain it to me

Last night in Europe, have I changed?

Last night in Prague. Had a great time. The city is half midievil movie half playground. Had a blast

Westminster Cathedral line up was too long so we went to St Paul's instead

Royal Museum yesterday!

Took the Eurostar from Paris to London. First time I've been on a serious train before. It's pretty cool. The dinning car isn't what I expected tho. Also it isn't fun trying to bring a beer back to your seat when the train is having train turbulence. Well ....actually I thought it was pretty fun.

Trip to Versailles, place was massive and just packed
The place is so big I'll put the other sections up later. This is the main residence, so some of these photos are the state rooms, king's rooms and palace of the Madam's
There is also the massive garden, 2 other palaces, Marie Antoinette built herself a Flemish village because she was bored

Took a trip to the Opera House

More of the sights

#10 is on top of the arc de triumph

Notre-Dame. The thing is massive.

#9 is a shrine to Joan of Arc

The Eiffel tower and the petite palace musuem. Some of the photos are Monet, Pissaro, and a dude that saw Les Miserables

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