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Joel Rawlings  Joel Rawlings Sky Cowboy for Morphing/Ranger Gram. May the Power Protect you!

Hey everyone! If you’d like to see one of my former classmates from high school get attacked by paintballs in just his undies, just give him a follow, 5000 followers by the end of the month and he’ll do it! Spread the word to get more people to follow him! @spencegaren

Twice in one day?! 😱Thank you so much!!! #jdf #powerrangers #fan

Look who liked my comment! The OG green ranger himself!

Miriama Smith, most of us here know her as Elsa from Dino Thunder, but in her home country she's currently known for playing Brady Truebridge, widow of one of the world's richest men in NZ's most expensive show to date, Filthy Rich. To any Power Ranger fans who want to check this out, you can only watch it on Hulu. It's pretty interesting, check it out. #powerrangers #newzealand #miriamasmith #maori #filthyrichnz #elsa

My favorite pink ranger reminding us to shut off our phones and take a look at some BTS clips from the Japanese set before we enjoy the movie! #residentevilvendetta

I know I haven't posted on this account in months, but I wanted to let all of you know that in just minutes, I'll be watching Resident Evil Vendetta which will have the voice talents of Jason Faunt (Wes) & Erin Cahil (Jen) one of my favorite Power Ranger couples lol! If you want to watch this action packed movie, I suggest you get to the nearest AMC theater now because they're showing it tonight ONLY at 7pm and again at 10pm I believe. I'm so excited!

Hey guys, so tonight at 8:30 on ABC (Channel 7 if you have DirectTv) is the return of my new favorite show Speechless. It's about a family a bit like mine. The main character is JJ, a wheelchair bound teen with cerebral palsy. Although his parents tend to overprotect him(like mine), but with a little help from his aide, siblings, and peers, he strives to be independent. I'd really appreciate it if you guys took the time to watch this show because it's really funny and can teach you a thing or two about living with a disability. I've found myself laughing from how funny it is and other times close to tears because of how much I can relate to it. I really look up to Micah Fowler who plays JJ. He actually has cerebral palsy like his character and like me and inspires people like me, so again please check it out tonight and on Wednesday's at the same time I mentioned above. #disability#disabledactor #speechless

In desperate need of a place to break down and cry, but my brother won't get the hell out of my room!! I mean come on it's freaking midnight, go finish your homework somewhere else I need my privacy!! 🙁😢😞 #depressed #lonely #useless

This beautiful, but sad song describes my mood rn. Landslides by Fleetwood Mac 😐

Thought I'd post this random fact, whether it's meant to lighten or worsen the mood , IDK, how you perceive it is up to you. In other news, does anybody else feel like crap or is just me?

Sorry for the low quality and volume, but if you look closely, these two attractive dudes dancing topless together are Shane the Red Wind Ranger and Heckyll! Or in this case, Vinnie and Cam, respectively. 😂 @pua_magasiva @Ryan.J.carter #shortlandstreet #powerrangers #ranger #villain #ninjastorm #dinocharge #nz

I'm watching The Watcher, haha. Here are our two protagonists, a couple played by @ejcahill whom most of us know as Jen Scotts Time Force Pink and Edi Gathegi whom you may know as Laurent from Twilight and its sequel New Moon or as Darwin from X-Men First Class. Anyway this couple has just moved into a beautiful new house and soon discover that this house isn't as wonderful as it seems...and that they are not alone...mwahaha!! 😆😨 #thewatcher #LMN #erincahill #edigathegi #powerrangers #TimeForce #Twilight #newmoon #X-Men #X-MenFirstClass

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