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Bert Ramos  Because fitness is simple "just work" the Greeks had it right over 2000 yrs ago. Personal trainer and online coaching HMU if you have goals to reach

Getting it done out here in Aspen Colorado. We make sure that everyone can enjoy the Xgames. Out here doing daredevil stuff without the cameras. I'm ready to be home with the wife and kids. #happilymarried #tiredasshit

Not every day is beautiful and full of sunshine. Out here working through a blizzard. I hope everyone enjoys the winter xgames. #happilymarried #worktravel

Working in Aspen getting structures set up for the winter xgames. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. #gettingmyownfruit #worktravel

Light snow fall in the forecast for tonight. What's the weather like where you are?

Caption says it all I'm about to get back to being serious about my workouts and my physique #fitover40 #happilymarried #npcphysique

Sometimes the view from your room is simply amazing.

I went out to dinner and I finally got to wear this Brooks brothers sweater my wife bought me last year. Feeling like a million bucks. Have a greater weekend. #happilymarried

Traveling for work. Out here working on the Dew tour stuff. Sometimes even having to do something you don't necessarily want can have a positive side. I'd rather be doing something else most days but this job has taken me to the pro football hall of fame in Ohio, La Live in downtown los Angeles, Aspen and Breckenridge here in Colorado. I do wish I had my ride or die with me but unfortunately this Is work and not a vacation.

Headed to Breckenridge to pre build for Dew Tour and the views here are amazing there's simply no way to do it justice. #visitcolorado #worktravel

Friday before last I was in the mecca @goldsgymvenice1 last Friday I was at my home gym golds gym bandera trails and @boomflexfitness. This Friday I'm killing arms with @christianram14 here in Colorado. Big thanks to the people here at rocky mountain muscle for making us feel welcome.

Out here getting my money the old fashioned way. Sometimes life hands you lemons and you make lemonade other times you refuse to accept those lemons and go out and find your own fruit. I hope everyone is having a great week. Everything takes work and sometimes your dreams need to be financed by doing something else. Don't miss out on opportunities because they're disguised as hard work. #gettingmyownfruit

My wife signed up for GOLD'Sfit (their crossfit/ cross training). So since she's gonna be doing motivating group workouts, she decided to practice her chest bumps. It's one of the best things I've ever seen. #immotivatedjustwatching #chestbumps

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