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James Grigsby 

Hey everyone! So a part of my internship has been running the IG for Norco's athletics programs. These next few days I'm going to merge the accounts with @nc_athletics1. To boost their profile, I am going to mass follow quite a lot. If anyone can help support them (me) and follow back that would be awesome! ***If you would not like that page to follow you, no problem at all! Just let me know***

Found a lizard at school that was almost getting stepped on. Went to pick him up and he just walked onto my hand. He hasn't wanted to get off so he fell asleep on my arm while I'm in class.

Enjoy the simple pleasures.

4 years. Rest well Mat. That whiskey is all yours. Miss you man.

Weird pic but that's how crystal clear the water from a spring was. And it tasted amazing.

Awesome hike this morning. Attempting to start the healthy (all forms) habits. Thanks for the invite Drew.

I usually don't do this kind of sappy stuff where it seems like I'm looking for attention or something. But this time it's all different. I'm used to doing things strictly my way and thinking "my shit don't stink" and I've been stuck in this erroneous mentality for far too long. I've been making life difficult for you babe for a while and I've been holding onto this messed up selfish, arrogant perspective on things, which I've taken out on you. I've definitely taken you for granted (even in such a short time of being together) and I've said and done things that boyfriends just shouldn't do. I need to remember memories like this one above and I need to hold onto what really matters which is: I have a girl who truly does care about me and wants to be with me. Most importantly I need to go back to valuing you the way I did in the beginning and the way you deserve.

I'm taking Father's Day for dad's with dogs. Cozy mornings and laziness on the couch for my boy and I. 🙂

Convoy Commander is a pain in the ass job

Great start to the weekend. I'm on a boat.

Had an awesome weekend with this beautiful angel. I swung a saber! Congratulations to CPT Jonathan Lopez and Rossanna on an amazing wedding!

Hash browns quote un-qoute

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