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Greater Southwest  Community development agency on Chicago's SW side

#MFS 5K Great run everyone!

#metro 5K Great run everyone!

17th Ward David Moore's Business Symposium _join us to get info how to get certified as minority, women, owned business. Much more resources for business owners

Congratulations to @greatersouthwest Board Chairman Dennis Ryan - Catholic Charities recipient of the 2018 Heart of Charity Award - well deserved!

Deputy Mayor reports on improvement plans for Cicero Avenue Corridor at the Gateway to Midway Committee meeting, we appreciate any and all improvements for the revitalization.

Ever wonder why the core operating support of a nonprofit is so important? Well, it’s used for a whole lot, including expanding community programming and hiring staff to see those programs through. Fortunately @citi gets it. #communityprogressmakers 👊🏻

Spending the day at #testaproduce talking city based industrial work @ChicagoDPD

We thank you. We honor you. We will never forget you.

Thank you to Jotam and Alexandra for giving me a tour of The Bagelers new Mckinley Park manufacturing facility.
Working with GSDC to create jobs on Chicago's southwest side

At the annual IESBGA conference in Bloomington.