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Well what can I say, this past week was one of the best I've had in a very long time. From celebrating my sister's birthday, to finding out that I'll be a proud uncle to a beautiful little girl come November and then finally celebrating my birthday yesterday with majority of the people I hold near and dear in my life. To all those I received a phone call, text, FaceTime and social media post I want to say thank you and it meant a lot to me that you took your time out your day to wish me a happy birthday.

May this one be a good one!

Today is a very bittersweet moment. My niece made me super proud and graduated Elementary School. Jasmine you're getting to big and making us old people feel really old. It's crazy to see her graduate the same school I attended in New York. I love you mama and I shall see you soon!


My day one (literally) even though she's sometimes a pain in my side I'll love her till kingdom come. #NationalSiblingsDay @ashley_seerkris

I enjoyed my weekend getaway from the daily routines. #MiamiFameWeekend #FameWeekend #FameCruise #CityOfMiami #PortOfMiami #Reggae

Two pains in my side right here but gotta love em! #Family #Sister #Cousin #RusselPeters #JouvayNightClub #NYC #Queens

One day...

Silent glow aka Jamaican idol was lit last night!!! Tune in for the next silent glow to get more of @ayoitzbenny on the mic 🎤 #TeamBlueStation #SilentGlow #NewYorkYankees #Alkaline #ATM #SpeedAndStanceWorks #LitCam #SouthFlorida #TechEnt #DumpedSociety #HondaBoyz #HennyGang #HeadPhoneParty

I told them when money on the table game changes...Thanks for the little gas money y'all boys

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