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More @simplemills yummies. So not sponsored - they’ve just been on sale at my local store all week! We made the Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies with coconut oil and coconut milk & they turned out deeeeeelish and the perfect rainy Friday! This mix doesn’t call for eggs, so no sub needed! She calls them “Baby Nack” (baby snack) and ate them alongside some steak and pesto. I’m careful not to designate foods as treats and rewards (the media will do that for her in just a few years 🙄), so I will place a “treat” food on the plate right next to her meat and veggies to try to decrease the chance she associates certain foods with “being good”. I think the longer we can display neutrality around food (including how we engage with it), the better chance our kids will grow up with healthier mindsets around mealtime.

PREZZIES!! I’m feeling extra generous this Memorial Day Weekend & giving away up to 5 fancy-pants samples in addition to your choice of a $48 Cleansing Balm (the most soothing balm when I get too much sun or when Grace gets dry patches) or $39 Citrus Mimosa Body Butter from Beautycounter!
You’ll find all the details for this gift in my Better Beauty Tribe Facebook group (link in profile to join) where I do giveaways & offer valuable education on non toxic lifestyle topics.
If you’re not on Facebook (too cool? I don’t blame you), Spend $125 at, email me your order confirmation with your choice of BONUS GIFT: 5 products from the anti-aging Rejuvenating line, hydrating Nourishing Line or a deluxe sample of the oil-Balancing Countermatch ljne! —> yup, cleansers, Serum, day creams, night creams, Eye creams, you name it!
PS if you add Band of Beauty to your order, you’ll also get a $40 Lemongrass Body Scrub + save $5.95 on shipping AND get a 15% product credit!!
Get some safer products in your bathrooms & take control of the toxins in your house. We DO have a choice to use better-for-you personal care products and we DONT have to sacrifice results with Beautycounter 🙌🏼 Win-Win-Win

Looking for a healthy chicken nugget replacement that also sneaks in some veggies too? This morning Grace & I made @unboundwellness Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers with our little spin on it (mostly because I don’t measure ingredients except when I’m my writing my own recipes 😬).
I used organic ground turkey in place of the chicken (@uswellnessmeats), White sweet potato (more savory than regular ones!), and then I greatly decrease the garlic and onion powder to make them for palatable for her (about 1/2 tsp of each instead of a tablespoon of each), and I add 1 tsp dried dill. I also bake at 400* convection for only 20 minutes, leave out the coconut oil and brush them with olive oil before baking! We dip our’s in @kcnaturalproducts AIP Ketchup!
Find the recipe on Michelle from @unboundwellness site or just google “AIP sweet potato chicken poppers”
Yes that’s the world’s most giant Bandaid on her face.

We shared this afternoon snack today. I’ve been experimenting with the @simplemills baking mixes, making them without eggs since both Grace and I have an intolerance (she gets a rash around her mouth, and I can handle them once in awhile but not daily or weekly). .
I swapped out the 3 eggs for 1/4 cup almond butter and 3 tbsp @co_yo_usa Vanilla bean coconut yogurt (also used as the “frosting”). I filled a 6-donut Pan with the filling and baked for 20 minutes, let cool completely for the best texture!
I’ve also swapped the eggs for a chia-flax egg ( 1 tbsp ground flax, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 3 tbsp water mixed together, let sit 5-10 min until thickened).
Find the @simplemills baking mixes in the baking aisle in your store - even Publix is starting to carry them 😱

Grace is busy putting the final touches on all of your free CounterSun Mists & Face Sticks! She also wants to do everything I do which makes very cognizant of all my words & actions (oh, the growth you receive via motherhood). TWO days left until my May gift ends & for you to get your hands on some reef-friendly, mineral sunscreen whose active AND inactive ingredients are something I trust putting on my kid (6 months+)
1️⃣ Switch to $150* or more of safer Beautycounter products (need recs? DM me!) and choose from a 3-ounce CounterSun Mist (TSA friendly) OR a Face Stick. Make sure you’re shopping on
2️⃣ Forward me your order confirmation with choice of gift to
3️⃣ That’s it! If you add Band of Beauty to your cart, you’ll also get a free $40 Lemongrass Body Scrub, free shipping ($5.95 savings), and 15% product credit ($22.50 on an order of $150). So worth it when making the switch to safer products you can trust!
My favorite makeup and skincare products right now are the Color Intense Lipsticks, Tint Skin Foundation, Makeup Remover Wipes, Cleansing Balm (always), and Countermatch Moisture Lotion & Eye Cream!
Gift ends May 23rd! Values for US customer; Canadian? DM me!

AIP Teriyaki Chicken & Fried Rice from #thehealingkitchen for lunch today (check my story for a time-saving hack) Some fun facts about the book writing process:
I had to finish the recipe testing during my first trimester when I wanted NOTHING to do with food, smells and especially protein. I forced myself with a plugged nose to photograph the last few recipes to get it in for deadlines. 🍽
I wrote the recipes in 4 different kitchens in just 6 months - yup I moved to 4 states with my husband and Rafael while writing the book! Chicago, Atlanta, St. Pete and Austin... I brought my cookware, instant pot, and knives everywhere we went.
My husband, sister, brother-in-law and friends were the taste-testers for the book. I wanted non-Paleo eaters’ approval before they made print. I also did not know how to use a camera so some of the photos aren’t my best as I taught myself as I went 😬
From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to write a cookbook and I feel extremely blessed that I was able to do that by age 27. I don’t know if I’ll ever do another one, but I also will never say never.
If you want to grab a copy, Amazon is the most affordable way, and I so appreciate your support even though the book has been out for 2 1/2 years already!

🙏🏻 my kid ate 4 plates of vegetables today & I couldn’t be more pleased (humble mom brag?) @kcnaturalproducts sent us a new sauce to try but it makes a great tomato-like dip (#nightshadefree) for carrot and sweet potato fries. Hot Tip: I scrub a white sweet potato, slice it into thin fries (skin on), soak in a bowl of cold water for 30 min to get rid of extra starch and get them extra crispy in the oven. Pat dry well with a towel, toss in just a little melted beef tallow (too much = soggy), sea salt and pepper. Roast convection 425 for 25 minutes, tossing halfway through. .
I think we all know how to make veggie fries but the above technique works the best in my oven! Recipe for the Strawberries & Cream Bite on her plate in my S T O R I E S ☝🏼

I have never screamed so loudly in a grocery store than when I FINALLY found the most tasty, creamy, rich, no-sugar-added coconut yogurt all the way from Australia... all the way in Florida!!! And it’s Paleo & AIP-Friendly! @co_yo_usa .
I also bought the Vanilla one, and it replaced Mango as my new fave. I want to churn it into ice cream, I want to use it as a face mask, and I don’t want to share it 😬 I found it at my local health store, so check the yogurt section of your’s!

SUN PROTECTION GETS ME JAZZED. Because I remember slathering myself in those icky sun tanners all through high school and now it’s time for REDEMPTION.
Get one of our new CounterSun Mineral Sunscreen Mists OR 3-oz Mineral Sunscreen Sticks from me starting today (limited number so secure your gift ASAP!)
The new Beautycounter CounterSun line is shipping out today after last week’s wildly popular pre-sale & I am celebrating by gifting you a 3 oz Mineral Mist or Face Stick with all orders of $150+ on my Beautycounter website. (see details below)
What sets Beautycounter’s safer mineral sunscreens apart? Not only are they made with non-nano zinc oxide (this is an important safety difference) instead of chemical sunscreen BUT —>>
☀️ gluten-free
☀️ oxybenzone-free (a reef-harming chemical sunscreen that is everywhere you turn at the drugstore!)
☀️ blocks aging UVA, burning UVB and skin-damaging BLUE LIGHT (yup, the stuff that makes the sky blue!)
☀️ SPF 30 for strong defense against the sun (always reapply every 2 hours just like with chemical sunscreens)
☀️ Apply the Face Stick after your moisturizer and before your makeup for daily sun protection
☀️ NO AEROSOL - this is powerful Guys. Imagine an earth without aerosol!? The mists are powered by good ol’ air compression!!
How to get your free CounterSun product from me!
1️⃣ Switch to $150* or more of safer skincare and makeup on my Beautycounter website - *order total before shipping and taxes and application of Band of Beauty credits or enrollment!
2️⃣ Forward me your order confirmation to with your choice of gift (Mist or Stick!)
3️⃣ Get super stoked about your safer sunscreen summer protection hitting your mailbox soon!
Canadian Customers: the order minimum to qualify for gift is $215 CAN due to exchange rate and shipping cost

Mother’s Day Brunch at Grace’s school this morning ~ I’m stopping at our local GF cafe to get her favorite energy ball to bring. Giving the @aubreyorganicsusa Chia Hairspray another shot today (got it on Thrive - probably on Amazon too!) + @beautycounter Girls Night Lipstick, Matte 2 Bronzer & Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. Grace has been loving the Kids’ Line because she can independently use the pump bottles (and the colors are bright & fun so it’s easy to get her in the bath these days!)
HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all my mamas, mamas-to-be, health-journeying-almost-mamas, mamas of loss and infertility, dog-mamas, cat-mamas, and yo mama’s/mama. You’re all rad. #mothersday #motherhood #infertilityjourney #mamas

This kid turns TWO next weekend. I remember thinking, “Oh, moms of two-year-olds have it all figured out. They’ve been doing this thing FOREVER.” Hardly, but damn is this my favorite job I’ve ever had.

Could I love these 3 ladies more!? Doubtful. One of the best parts of joining Beautycounter’s Movement has been making these long-lasting, soul-friend connections. We bag on the Internet a lot, but it’s helped me find “my people”, and my people are what keep me happy, focused and inspired to grow as a mother, business owner/mentor, friend and wife.

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