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I don't want to leave!! Maybe she can join the bachelorette party. We all need that one girl who 💩 her pants and passes out at the bar.

Traveling tomorrow morning so this dinner was perfect - easy and damn tasty! Breakfast Tacos with Bacon & Guacamole || Roasted baby potatoes with @primalpalate Taco Seasoning to go with my husband's as well as eggs too! || details in Stories ☝🏼☝🏼

A friend sent me this passage from the book "Broken Open" about how once you become a parent, your misgivings become glaringly obvious. Do you tend to be a martyr or maybe too self-absorbed? Are you not a great time manager or are you a slave to a schedule and live without spontaneity?
The author's words tug at my heart. That once you become a parent, there's no turning back. You will forever be forced to change and grow as your child changes and grows. Being a mother has helped me balance serving others and serving myself. It's improved my relationship with my body because I never want her to doubt how perfect she is at any and every form. The opportunity to change the world falls into your open lap.
Parenting is a 24-7 lifetime job that continues even once they leave the nest. And I have no doubt it will be my most impactful and greatest honor.
I hear and see a lot of people my age say they don't know if they want children. I 100% respect that. We all have the right to choose our path. But if your main worry is about the transformation from caring for oneself to caring even more for another, that fear will pass. Know that it will only force you to grow and flourish in ways you could never imagine. I repeat: I respect all choices - no one knows you better - any feelings of defensiveness over my words is a sign to turn inward ❤️ <-- a lesson I'm still learning too

This post was so much fun to write because it includes all of my favorite travel snacks & hacks! ++ a new recipe for this addicting 4-ingredient #nutfree Antioxidant Trail Mix. I've also included my best tips for detoxing alcohol while on vacation. ++ what I'm bringing for #pursesnacks (not avocado for once).
Head over to blog & find out how one serving of this mix has more iron, fiber, magnesium and protein than the majority of energy bars on the market!
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I went back to @paleoonthego today to pick up an order I placed for their AIP menu yesterday! I got (3) Beef Breakfast Empanadas (1) Beef Brisket with AIP BBQ Sauce & Garlic Mash (1) Bacon Apple Cranberry Chicken Burger (1) Bangers and Mash and a (4-pack) Strawberry Paleo Tarts. .
Grace & I split an Empanada and a StrawberryTart for dinner tonight! Flavorful, very high quality ingredients like pastured lard and grass fed beef! I split the larger meals into two servings and it's plenty with a side of greens.
Check out their full AIP Menu -->> they ship across the US (link in profile):

What is this "5-Minute Face" you speak of!? Well, this mama's best beauty time saver! .
6️⃣ products 5️⃣ minutes 1️⃣ easy, natural look!
🔥 Beautycounter just released this discounted customizable makeup kit that allows you to choose a Foundation, Mascara, Blush Duo, Eye Brow Pencil, Concealer Pen & Lip Gloss at a significant discount! ++ if you order before August 18th you also get a FREE $35 Retractable Foundation Brush (how I apply my foundation too!) -->> 6 safer high-performing makeup products for only $148 ($196 value!) = $46 savings + $35 free gift!
Go watch my Stories for all the details + for some silly Grace cameos! That girl has me laughing nonstop ❤️
⭐️For those asking: I'm wearing Tint Skin Foundation in Honey, EyeBrow Pencil in Medium, Concealer Pen in Medium 2, Flamingo Blush, Peony Lip Gloss (no Mascara so this is a 4-minute face!)

Here's the official endorsement for @paleoonthego AIP Carob Cookie 😂 It tastes and feels exactly like a thin mint cookie!! @aycetobetterhealth and I got to tour their facility today. They served us a delicious AIP lunch (one menu item we had is coming out soon and to die for!)
Paleo On The Go has a whole AIP menu full of tons of savory and sweet options including breakfast items. If you're traveling, super busy, not feeling well enough to cook or need to stock your freezer before (or after) your baby arrives -->> please do yourself a favor and place an order with them! We got to watch them roll out dough for their AIP Pop Tarts and they gave Grace a spoon of the roasted strawberry filling. She actually ate the majority of my lunch she loved it so much! #paleo #paleobaby #autoimmuneprotocol #nourishinglittles

Everyone was enjoying Chicken & Waffles at Top Golf today so when I got home this happened ☝🏼☝🏼 Recipe will be in my ebook coming out soon-ish (release dependent on baby naps, k!?) Yes that's a special, extra flavorful drizzle, not just maple! #paleo #autoimmuneprotocol #glutenfree #dairyfree

The Heavens rained meat gold on us today. Smoked Baby Backs using the 3-2-1 method (Google) with grilled root veggie fries. I used the Cherry KC Naturals AIP BBQ sauce at the very end for extra flavor. We invested in a Traeger several months ago and getting more into smoking. We've done salmon, pork shoulder and ribs so far! Brisket next 👍🏻

I had a rough Mom day yesterday. Really rough. My emotions can spiral out of control on those days and I question everything. I question staying at home, my parenting, my self-worth. Putting my own career on the back burner has been difficult, and my ego and never-feel-enough default gets the best of me. On these days, I have two choices. 1) Allow this programmed negativity and doubt filter into my relationship with my daughter and my husband and myself 2) Confront the veneer that has been programmed into my cells since childhood. In my Stories this morning, I chatted about how I chose #2 by implementing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT is a form of therapy done on oneself alone or with a trained therapist. I credit it for my positive and grateful state today and for steering me away from many an autoimmune flare post-partum. Last night after she fell asleep in my arms, I did the EFT sequence on myself and let all the emotions flood out of my cells and exit my mouth. When I'm tapping, I say things out loud I've never been ready to confront in the past. It feels like a lightening of spirit that's difficult to describe. My last piece of my autoimmune journey has definitely been the emotional consequences of never feeling enough. If this form of therapy speaks to you, search for an EFT practitioner in your area. EFT is known to be a FAR more effective therapy than CBT or general counseling. I only needed a few sessions before I got the hang of it and felt a world of difference in my anxious thoughts. ❤️ You can reach out to me privately if you have any questions.

YAY! My Garlic Cream Sauce is now live on Autoimmune Wellness as my August guest post!
This veggie-based cream sauce has an almost-cheesy flavor which lends itself well to so many uses!
Here it's shown in a ground beef, kale and plantain skillet (my husband said it tastes like fancy Hamburger Helper this way). I've also served it with zoodles and shrimp, steamed broccoli for "broccoli and cheese", and as a pizza base!
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Have you guys tried @kcnaturalbbq BBQ Sauces yet? I've known about these AIP sauces for quite some time, but hadn't tried until today! You can get them on Amazon (link in profile)
Sauces are made from veggies like carrots and onion and the smoky flavor comes from condensed mesquite smoke!
I made pulled turkey in my Instant Pot but wanted more sauce without using the whole bottle (it's not cheap) SO... here's my recipe for BBQ Pulled Turkey! (you can use chicken too)
So I Instant Pot-ted 2 lbs turkey tenderloin with 1 cup of the Mastadon Sauce, 2 large carrots cut into chunks and 1 small white onion sliced.
1️⃣Sauté onions and carrots for 5 minutes.
2️⃣Pressure cook it all for 23 minutes.
3️⃣Remove turkey and pull apart with fork.
4️⃣ Turn Sauté back on and simmer sauce for 10 min then puree in blender. Mix with shredded turkey.
5️⃣ DEVOUR. Protein makes me feel so much better after a stressful day!
Link to Sauce:

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