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These soft and chewy AIP Salted Gingerbread Cookies are getting me in the holiday spirit (not that I haven't been playing the Pandora Christmas station every day for 3 weeks). A lot of you have been asking when the ebook is coming out and it's really really soon so keep checking back here or turn on your post notifications for my account so you don't miss it!
To turn on post notifications, go to my profile and click the 3 dots in the top right hand corner. See next slide for the drop down menu!

Caramelized Onion & "Ricotta" Pizza (with thyme and garlic and olive oil and truffle salt and all the components of your dreams). This will be the last recipe for the ebook because I never want to cook again. That's how you know when your book is done. When I had to finish The Healing Kitchen, I was in my first trimester with raging morning sickness and my deadline was ticking and I had to make marinara sauce & I cried the entire time. Actual tears went into that book (buckets). This is a happier ending because I actually couldn't stop eating this pizza, it's so good!! Should this be my preview recipe for the blog!?

THE first personal care product I switched out when I went Paleo 6 (!!) years ago was deodorant. Why? Because we have lymph nodes in our underarms (part of our immune system) and we're applying near breast tissue AND I was trying to reverse an infertility diagnosis called premature ovarian failure. For awhile I stopped wearing any deodorant because I lived in colder climates but in TX & FL you need a little somethin' under there to keep you public-appropriate. I've been using @primallypure Sensitive Deodorant for a couple years (I have it in every scent and now my sisters and mom use it instead of Dove). And they just released their new Charcoal Deodorant. The packaging is bad ass & my husband FINALLY expressed interest in using something besides Old Spice (with the not nice ingredients). I ❤️ helping my family, friends and Insta-Family switch to better products for their health and our environment. Head to my Stories to find out WHY this Charcoal Deodorant is different from their previous deodorants OR click the link in my profile to read all about the ingredients and benefits on their website. http://bit.ly/2k9ckfu

Why did I wait so long to bake with tigernut flour!? 😩 It's so easy to work with, a replacement for almond meal (not finely ground almond flour because it does have a little grit to it). It doesn't get gummy like starches or absorb too much liquid like coconut flour! It's a tuber, not a nut, which means it's school safe. And it makes an amazing crumb for cookies!
These Tigernut Sandwich Cookies will be in the ebook & my family was raving about them all weekend! They're satisfying so just one is the perfect holiday cookie treat.
I've found Organic Gemini Tigernut Flour for the best price on Thrive Market and you can get 25% off your first order + free shipping by using the link in my profile! Each bag will end up being around $8/lb versus Amazon at $12.50/lb!
http://go.thrv.me/aff_c?offer_id=48&aff_id=16736 (affiliate link)

She stopped moving for .03 seconds for me to take a picture. This love bean. I'm pretty sure I'll have to re-learn how to walk, talk and eat with my own hands instead of being toddler-fed all my food when she leaves me. Every time I look at her I think, "Obsessively late night Googling about infertility and Hashimoto's was so worth it". Jk, I should have been sleeping.

Lasagna for breakfast? It's an AIPossibility thanks to @paleoonthego - you can grab this Spinach & Mushroom Beef Lasagna (along with tons of other AIP menu items) for $15 off your first order using code "grazedandenthused" at checkout. Some of my favorites: Juicy Lucy with Caramelized Onion Maple Bacon Jam, Turkey Pot Pie, Carob Mint Cookies, and the Loaded Baked Sweet Potato Soup!
I've ordered from POTG specifically when I'm feeling overwhelmed and don't want to sacrifice nutrient density for convenient snacking. When we moved from Texas last year, before and after vacations this year and when I'm too busy momming to take care of my meals. The cost is approximate to going to a quality restaurant (but without the annoying food allergy waiter banter). They take such great care to source their ingredients and let us know exactly what goes in their food. Make this month's travel and holiday frenzy less stressful by treating yourself to a few home cooked meals that you didn't have to cook ❤️
View all the AIP menu items at paleoonthego.com

This whim of a dinner turned into something really yummy for you! Sticky Orange Beef - one of the last recipes going in my ebook! FINALLY! I think this ebook has gestated longer than a baby elephant.

Proof that I am in fact under 5 ft tall... something tells me Grace will follow in my size 6 footsteps too 😊 #winslimboeverytime Happy Sunday! Do something you love with someone you love this week!

I've only been craving White Pizza for like... 6 years. The last time I had it was on a girl's trip to NYC + I had decided to start a GF diet after that trip so I could eat all the pizza during it. One of the final recipes going in the ebook! I've been making my crust recipe a lot lately + remembering how much I love it! You can get the crust recipe on my site by searching "Pesto Chicken Pizza" xo

AIP Peeps! If you didn't catch the Complete AIP Resource Library bundle back in August, Mickey & Angie are bringing it back this weekend for the last time! Get $400 of AIP ebooks for just a 1-click download at $28.
This bundle includes some amazing AIP recipe books including The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, The Paleo AIP Instant Pot Cookbook, He Won't Know It's Paleo (have you tried her layer cake recipes!?), and Healing Eats, to name just a few of the 30 books you'll receive!
Downloading bundles is THE way to add a ton of new recipes to your repertoire at less than the cost of 1 print book. You can view each book individually on your laptop, desktop or tablet. ****Download your Bundle via the link in my profile***

My Beautycounter Black Friday Gifts launched today! Get up to 3 free gifts (5 products total) including gifts for babies and kids when you shop my site! Including the Brightening Collection Spa Set (which I credit for erasing sun damage caused by growing up in Florida!)
I wrote a blog post with the full details to make it easy! You can also get all the deets in my Stories! Blog post link in my profile: http://grazedandenthused.com/non-toxic-skincare-swaps/

Happy Thanksgiving from this precious peanut who brought me more joy & happiness than even a 3-part Real Housewives Reunion.

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