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I basically use Instagram Stories when 1) don't feel like typing a post here 2) don't want to inundate anyone with photos of babies, puppies and casual food //// Also does anyone else feel like those super long Instagram Stories with 20 parts and commentary on extremely pedantic life happenings WEIRD!? Am I the only one? Am I the least millennial millennial I know? I vow to never walk you through me grocery shopping, drinking coffee, Googling or applying lip balm. /// SO HELP (a not very social media savvy sister out): What type of content is useful, engaging, entertaining and worth looking at on Instagram Stories to you? I do like that feature of this app, especially since here is where I share the most and I love engaging through the messenger feature too (easier than email!)

Bistro Chicken Salad & Instant Pot Yuca with Fried Garlic & Shallot Vinaigrette. Grilled the chicken tonight but I actually prefer the recipe as written ~~ you can get the recipe for the salad via the link in my profile:
My sister makes it almost every week & her husband is always requesting it! One of those go-to meals that keeps everyone happy for sure (even salad haters because bacon & avocado)!

🔅Sunday Green Mule 🔅 1 cup strained cucumber and celery juice puréed with 1 tbsp fresh ginger, juice of 1 lime, pinch sea salt, stir in glug of @titosvodka & served over crushed ice. Without the vodka it's a refreshing #sugarfree "soda"!

Snackies for today since I'll be at a bridal shower and not home til late - bringing these @cappellos Ginger Snap Cookies for the party & packing two AIP snacks @go_raw Salt & Vinegar Coconut Chips (had to open to try - seriously yummy!!) and the standard @epicbar Bacon Bar. Also packed a container of breakfast leftover salmon hash (deets in story) Happy Saturday!! Hope you spend it OUTDOORS (it is earth day after all...)

New gifts have been added to the Best of Beautycounter gift which ends soon!! ❤Right now you can get a FREE full size $35 Nourishing Rose Water Mist with purchase of one of the Beautycounter Customer Favorite products (which are also some of my faves that I use every day - Cleansing Balm I can't recommend enough!!)
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Gifts have been running out so hop on this deal now! You can get free gifts (I.e one of each!) for each Customer Favorite you order --->>> Check out the full list of qualifying product via the link in my profile & comment with any questions:

My baby turned 11 months old yesterday. First time I wasn't sad on a month-birthday because I'm too busy appreciating the person she is becoming. She was giving me a big hug around my neck this morning, breathing her hot breath that smelled like milk, tallow and kippers all over my face, and all I could think was how grateful I am to feel the breath of my own child, something I only ever dreamt for. Her breath filled me with gratitude for this day, every day of struggle before I conceived and the remaining days I will spend with her. I'm truly thankful for my years of infertility because they have made this journey more spectacular than I could have imagined. We sit like this for at least an hour a day so I can watch that chubby little chest rise and fall.

Starting this book now because I almost have one of these. I've read all of Magda Gerber's other books and this one is by Irene Van der Zande in line with the teachings of RIE parenting approach. I take a little bit from the parenting methods I've researched (like aware and attachment parenting) and leave a little, but I always first and foremost go by my gut. Something I love about RIE is how it has made me more aware of the language I use with Grace and how I do things WITH her (like diapering) and not TO her... and I don't rush these little moments like I did when she was a newborn and I was a frantic brand new mom. Have any of you read this book and found it helpful in navigating toddlerhood?

Yay! I got the recipe up for my Paleo Baby Birthday Cake <-- this is the AIP cake I tested with Grace the other night! It's a 4-layer, 3-inch sweet potato and "chocolate" frosted smash cake! It's VERY smashable!
It's free of eggs, dairy, nuts, grains and sweetener! I wanted to make a cake that would satisfy the needs of parents with babies with allergies or intolerances or who wish for their cake to be made from real food ingredients! It's suitable for adults too - I like it straight from the fridge - it tastes like a chocolate donut to me 😁
Get the recipe on my homepage or via the link in my profile

I was testing a birthday cake recipe for Grace yesterday and she clearly loved it. It's grain, dairy, egg, nut and sugar free made from sweet potatoes, beef tallow, cinnamon, baking soda and coconut flour. The frosting is puréed avocado, carob and coconut milk. After doing some research, coconut flour is something I'm comfortable her eating once in awhile but still avoiding the starchier flours! This morning we shared the leftovers and they taste like a chocolate donut! The cake texture is soft and a little squisdIhy so she can take big handfuls of it and it melts in her mouth pretty much! Would anyone be interested in this recipe? It's a 3-layer "smash cake" essentially! PS CUTE video in my Instagram Stories of her looking at herself in a mirror like this!
I forgot to mention there's a gelatin or chia egg in the recipe too! Both options work depending on your preference and what you have handy!

Finally got around to having an appetite today after a very stressful day yesterday so I made us the Hidden Liver Chili from The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook with some modifications but WOW super delicious! Some of the changes I made: I doubled the bacon, added chopped portabella mushrooms, 2 tsp cumin, pinch cinnamon and left out the ginger and oregano then replaced the grated liver with crumbled @uswellnessmeats Liverwurst - good example of working with what you got in the fridge & using a recipe as a template! I'm also going to make the Beef Curry from the book with shrimp instead tomorrow 👌🏼👌🏼

Grace thinks everyone should give themselves a biiiiiiiig squishy hug today!

I wanted to follow up on my post yesterday. Most of you seemed to get where I was coming from but I can also see why some thought I shouldn't "have" to be choosy about what I post just because someone else may be insecure or prone to comparison. You're right too. I don't have to. I choose to because through my own personal experiences with autoimmunity, body image issues, disordered eating, self-esteem and feelings of worth attached to my health status, I have learned a lot about the tedious process of physical and emotional healing. Sure I will continue to posts photos of food because I love cooking and sharing allergy-friendly recipes because food makes me and others happy. But I choose to use this platform (I don't even like calling it that because it sounds elevated) in a way that is authentic to myself while being conscious of where others are at in their autoimmune or healing journey. I write how I speak, I am dead serious when I say I care about every single person here, and I'm also not going to act like my life is like a plate of perfectly seared meat with a fancy pesto drizzle, 6-pack abs and a fairy tale motherhood experience. And I definitely don't want anyone thinking that BECAUSE I care about you and as a consumer of social media you deserve transparency. Especially in our community of highly empathic and reflective people (i.e. Just two of the benefits of having an autoimmune disease) but who also tend to be hard on ourselves too. Love you all 😘

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