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Grayson + Weston + Coalton  ↟ I keep you safe ~ You keep me wild. ᨏ ↟ New Lightroom presets ↴

King of my heart, light of my life.

Who’s ready for new presets?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m releasing a pack of 7 new presets this weekend. I’ve been exhausting myself working on them and have been keeping quiet 🤫 about them for some time. I’m so excited to reveal them to you.

The war for the 🥓 scented Pebble chew toy. 😐😂 When people see/hear the dogs wrestling they’re always a little concerned, but this is our normal day to day. Anyone else feel like they’re living in a war zone sometimes?
Bacon-scented, super squishy, and durable Pebble Chew is by our favorites @playologypets! #playologypets

The best camping pal you could ever wish for. 😏 Coalton’s been working on his training and he’s killing it! So proud of this little boy and the dog he’s growing into.
Do you do consistent training with your dogs? What do you train for?

He looks so lost in a daydream. What do you think he’s thinking about? 💭

Seeing double? 😏

Grayson at 11 weeks vs. 4 years
Coalton at 8 weeks vs. 7 months
Weston at 8 weeks vs. 1 year

Thank you so much to @doubletake_edits for putting this amazing edit of the boys together for us! ❤️

#tbt to the first picture I ever took of Coal. 😍🖤

His spirit is a wildfire - untamable and free. 🔥

Chasing the light with this guy by my side. ✨
You guys only know the dogs through this page, so I’m curious - Judging by our photos and videos, what do you think Coalton is like? 🤔

Cozied up by the campfire with my best friend ✌🏼

Cheeky lil smile. He’s definitely thinking about swiping my dinner off the table when I’m not looking 🤨

Big puppy! 😛 Weston’s a total lap dog. He loves to be held, carried, and curled up in someone’s lap. He also likes to sleep close in bed with us, so he often flops down on top of us in the middle of the night and wakes us up! 😆 He craves constant physical contact, much unlike the husky boys who like to cuddle for a moment, but then prefer their own space. 😌

Yes hi hello I am Coalbear 🙂🖤

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