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  Hey I am Gray I luv to act, sing, and DANCE!!! Natalie is my chum chum and Bianna is my BB friend! I ❤️ 1738

Well guys it's been nice... but I think I am actually gonna re get this again at the age limit, I have decided no to do Instagram due to the age group I am in. Thanks for being so awesome and supporting I ❤️ u guys cya when I am 14....just saying.... it's gonna take a while, so till when I am 14 bi

Bubble mania

😂 I am bored what eves 😂

Contest ends at 9

guys look how much candy I got tell me how much you think this is if you are very close or get it u may get a shout out!🎃

Anais Watterson as a human girl!🙂🙃🙂

I ❤️ her I took a personally quiz and I got her! yay ☺️😊🤗

lol I ❤️ this 😅😂

Hey guys I am having a follow spree all u need to do is like and follow! And you will get the good energy back its a win win for everyone

Don't I look great 🔥🔥🔥

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