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I'm sorry but I'm leaving for good. I've had this fanpage for a year now and it's sad to see it go. after blariel's break up, I felt really depressed and I couldn't focus and was acting strange. I've found my idols again // the Dolan twins. I just don't stan ariel as much as I did a year ago and nor am I into that much. And no this is not going to mean that I will hate on ariel, no I will love her, follow her but not going to support her as much. I'm going to deactive this account, if I ever want to come back I will. meanwhile, I created an account for my idols : @grethanist I'll be active there. I will leave this here for 2 - 7 days. And I know I said previously I'm not leaving but i have to. ilygsm thank you for an amazing year and thank you Mya for co-owning this account since 90 followers :)

My baby didn't win but congratulations to @jakepaul!💞 Atleast she got to present w/ @brentrivera😍🙏🏻 (MY BABY LIKED❤️😭)

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