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Grattitude Bus  Creating memorable experiences around gratitude

A mothers love is an unbroken chain that knows no end nor beginning but only to endlessly pass on love that has no bounds. Dreaming together with us today are 3 generations of angelic women lighting up the hamptons ✨

Once in a while you meet a saged gem who is 'living their dream' ✨Joan, the icon / mayor of Indian Wells Beach in #Amagansett, feels in heaven on earth as her family stays connected & grows together through this beautiful landscape. She was so excited about the bus & says 'Gratitude is everything - so many people wake up without it & they're crabby, but if you start the day with it it sets the tone for happiness in life' she said thanks for starting her day right ⭐️ Lots of love to Joan & their adorable staff of lifeguards who were so open & welcoming to dream with us ✨💫🌟🌊⭐️✨
#indianwellsbeach #longisland #hamptons #gratitude #community #service

You may have heard in yoga class that the sound "OHM" is the universal vibration that connects everything. Scientifically speaking, it is know as the Schumann Resonance, or 7.83 Hz...consider it earth's heartbeat. This frequency is the tuning fork of life and tapping into it unlocks powerful mental, physical and emotional healing. Whenever you can, connect with nature...take a long swim, put your bare feet on the earth or deeply breathe in the clean air. It may be the only reset your body needs!


Divine synchronicity led us to the Secret Garden Art Festival in The Rockaways @petertunneyart @davidnakabayashi @rockaway_artists_alliance

Live dream coaching in session back home on north 6th and bedford #williamsburg #brooklyn #gratitude #nyc #bedfordave #newyork #grateful #streetlife #reggae #sunnyday #dream #be

In the moments where magic becomes reality

Biggest love to our new friends @balsamfarms local produce wizards. super high vibrations throughout staff, location and food. thanks for welcoming us.

Tuning in to what really happened here at The Montauk Project #mindcontrol #teleportation

What are you reflecting to the world today that you are grateful for?

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