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Grant Twiggy Baker  World Big Wave Surfing Champion. Thank you Vissla, Isurus, Ridge, BOS, F-One, Slyde, Futures, Poison City, Hurricane and AcesNSpades for the support.

Foiling is a way to enjoy the ocean, away from crowded waves with a few friends. It really is an amazing new sport.
. . .
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Hydrofoils provide a unique connection to the ocean: our feelings got stronger, our playground got bigger. Join the #foilculture

Watch the full video 〰️ check the link in my bio.
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One of my favorites @benharper is coming to South Africa 💥

What to do today? Being an ambassador for these amazing brands gives me the opportunity to do something I love, in and around the ocean almost everyday.
Thank you.....

The excitement of a new flavor is palatable 🙏 . . .
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Imagine two strangers meeting for the first time. The one is smooth and naturally sweet, the other a little wilder. When they get together, they simply sparkle. That’s our new flavour combo. Get in on the conversation.


It’s a Poison City but we love it 🖤 #DurbanPoisonBeer 📷 @marckbotha

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The #CapeFear event is live right now. Isurus team rider @tyler_hx just won heat 2. Best of luck for the final 💪

Happy Mother’s Day my love. Billi and I couldn’t have wished for someone more caring and loving. Thank you ❤️

Thank you @slydehandboards ,I have always been an avid bodysurfer and these guys are taking things to a whole new level. Link to there insane quiver in my bio.

Its an honor and a privilege to receive these awards representing my family and friends in South Africa and I’m grateful to number of people who I couldn’t do this, or be here without.

Firstly my sponsors who give me the financial support to be able to live the dream of surfing big waves,thank you.

The WSL for everything you have done for Big Wave Surfing these past six years, we might have had our differences of opinion from time to time but please know I’m grateful for your backing of our sport.

The kind folk who put me up around the world during my travels and in particular the Barnes and Thorpe family’s and to all the friends I have met along the path of life these last 30 years, from every corner of the surfing world who help fuel the drive and determination to catch these waves. Starting at Dairy beach back in the day and ending in such amazing places like Nazare, Maui and Half Moon Bay.

To the safety crews around the world who give us the confidence to continue to push the sport forward and the photographers and videographers who work so tirelessly to help capture these moments. A huge thank you.

To my fellow big wave surfers form both the youngest like Luca all the way to the oldest like Gary, thank you for helping me reach my fullest potential and for sharing your waves with guys like me.

To my shapers who continue to work together and share their knowledge so openly, to help our boards improve with the level of surfing each year. Thank you.

And especially my family for their unwavering support, that allows me to follow my dream of surfing the biggest and best waves I can find. Kate and Billi your unconditional love humbles me every day and I love you girls with all my heart.

No man is an Island and without this massive support group I could never have had the success I have this past year and this past decade.

The sport of Big wave Surfing is riding a wave of success at the moment and its been driven from a pure place. One of love for the ocean and the love of surfing when Mother Nature is at its most dangerous and this is a rare type of pursuit in this day and age of greed and power.

Lets keep what we do pure and together we are strong.

Thank you Surfing for giving me this beautiful life. Big Wave Events were always just a means for me to travel somewhere, spend some time and hopefully make a little money to keep going to the next place. I’m not really sure how it all ended up in Redondo Beach this weekend but I’ll take it, keep running with it and try to keep getting barreled! 📷 @joshmalherbe

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Always so grateful for such damn fun gatherings with friends from far and wide to celebrate the big wave surfing life we love. To see the mind blowing level the sport is at on the big screen and cheer em all on is always epic, And of course to see the old Shark @granttwigbaker clean some house made it a special one this year! @biggwash @deepwatersurf @joeturpel #wslbigwaveawards

Let’s do this boys 🌊
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2019 #WSLBigWaveAwards Men’s Paddle of the Year nominees!
Check out all category nominees and watch the Big Wave Awards live Thursday, May 2nd at 7:30pm PDT on, the WSL app, and Facebook Live or get tickets at
@granttwigbaker @billykemper @nathan_florence @pedrocaladoo Video by @elijahcrowell @laurentpujol

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