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Grant Mickelson  I Play Guitar

Gettin’ RILL pumped for @campelectric 2018 next week! // We’re gonna jam for the Lamb, shred cuz He bled, yell for Yahweh & crank it for Christ! 🖤🎸💥

“... but I'm here with my dad and he wants me to sing him a song. So I'm here now, I've found you, Daddy, and guess what, I love you, I love you, I love you!" • He’s the best, thankful to have him • love him • have a GREAT relationship with him AND FOR FATHER + SON SKYPE BIBLE STUDIES ON WEDNESDAY NIGHTS! 🖤

One more shot from last week’s (white hat) CMA extravaganza. // Been a big @twostoryroad fan & friend for a long time; pumped I got to jam with em!’ // Thx guys! 🖤 // 📸: @billriddletennis • •

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When your buddy is not only a solid tennis player but also a rockstar @wildhorsesaloon
Thanks @twostoryroad for taking care of the Aussies tonight #nashville #musiccity
#wildhorsesaloon #twostoryroad #cmafest

I can’t think of a better way to end a busy week than to serve & worship with my @crosspoint_tv fam today. The most zen I’ve been (while playing) all week, thankful for every second of it. // Hashtag Blessed. 🖤 •

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Describe His love in the comments below. 👇

Your Love Awakens Me
Sons and Daughters
Living Hope

@postmonroeband show #3 this week = success! // I’m (clearly) underdressed, I know. I just really want an H&M sponsorship. // 📸: @_camillasimon

MySpace’s Silver Lining // You’ll always be #1 in my Top 8 @ashleehewitt !! 💁🏼‍♂️🙌🏻 #Repost @ashleehewitt with @get_repost
Met this guy through MySpace 13 years ago... That’s all! #nowlookatus #myspace #theoldnashvilleway #timeflies #feelingoldaf

Fabulous Weekend Of Shows w/ @postmonroeband • feat: @zachhunterdrums - I forgot to get a family band foto, so I’ve resorted to stealing their insta photos instead. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Sup?
- So much fun • food • music • and dressing room interior re-design was had.
- Hashtag Blessed AF 😎

BIG fan of great singer-songwriters, even BIGGER fan when I get to play with them! // Thx @laurenashley.thetrainwreckers for letting me play a few with yah!

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“Drop the top rollin’ south on 65...” ☀️ #alwayswantedto #evolutionparttwo #May18

A perfect ratio of Selflessness • Patience • and Unconditional Love all rolled into one fabulous Motherly superhuman. // Thxful today & everyday for her! 🖤 @deb_mickelson61

Never a dull moment with these peeps. 🖤
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Loved getting to lead with this crew today. Grateful for my church...grateful to be a part. PSA: GOD. IS. AT. WORK. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #crosspointtv #crosspointcreative #crosspointworship #worship

TOTALLY got schooled by this red guitar playing, white boot • camo wearing badass today! 💁🏼‍♂️🎸 #Trashcan #Trashcan #FourOnTheFloor #GearTalk #TrueBypass #ToneZone

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Gear talk or don't talk 🎸 #totallydidntchangemyshoestomatchgrant

New Tunage ALERT! // 2 of my super talented (& obvs hot) singer-songwriting friends released some new jamz today. Chickity-check them out!

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