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It took us an hour to come up with the band name “Hiding in plain sight” #folk #indieacoustic #weregettingthebandtogether #again #werestartingaband #idkwhattoreallythinkofthisphoto

Throw back to the good days when denim on denim wasn’t frowned upon #trailertrash #denimondenim #justgonnasendit

What is authentic faith?
The cultivation of an optimistic outlook on life with a kind of spirituality attached to it?
A holy hoping for the best?
Is this how you think of faith?
Authentic faith is the confident assurance in events not yet seen
Faith is not a call to believe in things when common sense tells you not to
Faith is not a mindless stab in the dark
It is not a crossing of the fingers and hoping for the best
It is not a leap into apparent nothingness
It's a word that speaks of reasoned, careful, deliberate, intentional thought
Thought upon what? God and his promises
If you are absolutely gripped by the coming realities that have been promised to you by God, then how you live your life in the present will be radically different than if you did not possess that certainty
This is what faith is, my friends! Positive certainty expressed in action
Authentic faith is not merely believing in God. It is believing God
Taking God at his word, living in obedience to his revelation whatever the cost because you know down deep in your bones that God will always do what he says, that his speaking is his doing
It is an abiding assurance in God and his promises that animates you to persevere in your obedience to Him.- Art Azurdia (Beautiful Eulogy)

Thankful for Ted

"Wow"-Owen Willson

Forgot to calculate the weight difference for an apex for this step up #boost #yamaha #turbo #lightweight #mtx #summersucks #spring riding

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