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Grandmas.Tiddys  🍕 Pizza Roll Gang 🍕 Tag me in Chelsea pics ;)

She does need to put on some weight lol ~Niko// Credit: @kool_kolumbine_kid

this upsets me a lot -Anthony

Lmfao I stole this from @hypno.memes117ver2 his page is hilarious and he helps me find posts a lot ~Niko

This is why I don't go on Instagram when I'm in the middle of the living room or when I'm eating ~Niko

Everyone's killing themselves this time of year. Wtf ~Senkyi

Lmfao I stole this from @hypno.memes117ver2 ~Niko

hey it's been awhile -Anthony

I got my backup deleted so now I'm ip banned and can't make another account for like a month 😥😥~SENKYI

Smfh this has happened to me too many times ~Niko

When my meme gets 2 likes and 40 comments saying "kys faggot lel" ~Niko

I kinda want to do this in public now ~Niko

This is why cats are amazing ~Niko

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