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Grandma Betty  👵•Grandma Betty•👵 💪•Cancer Defeater•💪 🙏•Happily in Heaven•🙏 ❤•Born: October 23, 1933•❤ 😇•Went Home: August 2, 2014•😇

The year is 2017, and that means it's been 3 years since Grandma's passing. There are almost no words to describe what it feels like to make this post, and that's why we want to leave it up to YOU!

In the comments below, tell us a time when Grandma Betty made you smile, or tell us what you would have said to Grandma Betty had you been able to meet her... ❤️

For those who have been sending messages, Harley is alive and well. This is him earlier tonight ❤️

Grandma Betty, made out of clay!
Thanks, @bailee_garrett! ❤️ If you've drawn a picture of grandma send us a message so we can share it!

Happy Easter! Don't forget to #Smile today! 😁

Yesterday, February 4th, was World Cancer Day. Please look below to see how you can spread awareness:

1. Repost this picture OR take a picture of your own candle.
2. Use #CandleForCancer

3. Leave the name(s) of someone you know who has fought Cancer.

In the next couple days, we will make a collage of all the pictures you post, and we will list the names of the people.
Thank you for participating & spreading Awareness of Cancer! ☺️ We are so sorry we missed this by a day!!!

Going through old boxes only to find UNOPENED letters for Grandma Betty. We received so many that it seems as though these few fell through the cracks...

@prayersforellie gained her strongest and most beautiful wings this morning around 8:30am.
Please send your thoughts and/or prayers to her page..😔

#WayBackWednesday to breakfast w/ @iamfam 😊

Merry Heavenly Christmas, Grandma Betty. ❤

Can't think of anyone or anything but Grandma Betty and her love for cookies like these...😔❤️

Our dear Ellie and her family are in need of some help.... Ellie was sent home with terrible news that her brain tumor had grown near the stem. Her life expectancy was 2-3 months with only one treatment option: a trial currently only available in Germany.

Below, please follow this link to donate $1, $2, $3, or even more to Ellie's family in hopes they can raise money to afford treatment and transportation to and from Germany.

ANY donation is acceptable, even if that's just you going to her profile to wish her and her family luck on this journey. Please help her. Please!

Do not hesitate to ask questions in the comments. We will answer them as we can.

From @prayersforellie...please post some uplifting comments on her pictures: "Yesterday at two in the afternoon, Ellie started complaining of a headache that soon turned into uncontrollable screaming and throwing up, that even oxycodon couldn't touch. We rushed her to the nearest hospital, where they preformed a X-ray that showed her shunt was working great. After medication, Ellie finally slept and then started acting like her normal sassy self. They then preformed a haste MRI. Those results weren't what we had hoped to hear. At ten last night we were transported to Seattle children's, where we were admitted and finally got into our own room around 5 this morning. Right now Ellie is great, tired but in no pain.
The MRI showed us that Ellie has a large mass that is pushing into her ventricles and has caused a brain bleed and possible stroke. We don't know where we go from here. We don't have any answers.
We are shocked and heartbroken, and most of all praying that we have options. Praying that this isn't what it seems to be. I hope that you all will join us in prayer and ask everyone you know to pray too. I am angry and sad, I wish this wasn't happening. I wish I could turn back time. I wish so much, but mostly I wish for her to grow up! God please let her grow up." #teamellie #prayersforellie
#Smile BeHappy #StayHappy

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