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Mike Goyda  The leading source for vintage hot rod and drag racing memorabilia. Always buying. 717-823-7564.

Howard Johansen's pass to the 1955 NHRA National Championship Drags.

Original drawing by Road Runners member Dean Batchelor.

All my motorized kits. Mint in the boxes.

Original 60's.

This lady is 93 years old and has been my Mother for 70 of those years. If I have any redeeming qualities they came from her. There may be Mom's who are as good as mine but there are none better. Love you Mom!

My coolest find at Oley. Evel might not have worn these but he surely influenced the guy who did.

I act as agent for Mrs. Pete Miilar and handle the artwork for Drag Cartoons. This is the original artwork for the cover of the November 1965 issue. eMail for specifics.

The first McDonald's in Cleveland, Ohio opened in September of 1960. Shortly thereafter a local realtor became a leasing agent specializing in McDonald's locations. Each time a new location opened this sign was posted. The lack of a zip code in the address dates this sign as prior to 1962.

Magic Muffler altered crew jacket.

A friend of mine called me from a swap meet in California a couple weeks ago to tell me about this hanging sign someone had for sale. He sent a photo and I told him to go ahead and buy it for the $100.00 asking price and that I would pay for it and the shipping and split the profit with him. I had never seen the piece before and figured there was some money left in it. Well I now own a $100.00 fake. There was a reason I had never seen one. It is a color copy of an add or decal blown up and glued to poster board. If I had had it in my hand I would have caught it. My friend has no experience with this type of material so he would not have known. Be careful out there. Nothing is sacred anymore and there are slimeballs everywhere.

Some of my back patches. Always interested in adding to the stash.

We're at the park this morning and my always curious granddaughter just met an equally curious squirrel.

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