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Mike Goyda  The leading source for vintage hot rod and drag racing memorabilia. Always buying. 717-823-7564. goydagang@aol.com

They get to play with a lot of goofy stuff when they visit me.

Have them both today. They are busy painting stone turtles.

Whether you agree with the athletes who are kneeling or not you must remember that everyone who has ever served this country, did so to insure the rights we have. Our president seems to feel that the athletes are showing disrespect to our flag and our country. I find it ironic that he refers to them as "Sons of Bitches" yet the hundreds of marchers carrying Nazi flags, which is the ultimate disrespect, have yet to be condemned.

Late night in my son-in-laws MG. He is coming to get it this weekend so I'm taking advantage of it before it leaves

The drink we know as 7-Up was invented in 1929 but was not branded with that name until 1936. It became so popular it has had many copy cats over the years. These are among my favorites: Speed Up, Zep Up, Up n' Up, Cheer Up, Wake-Up, Wise-Up, Pep-Up and Get-Up.

In 1947, Preston Tucker hired well known Indy racer, Ralph Hepburn to be his West Coast representative. In that same year Preston Tucker authorized Ralph to hire Leo Goosen, co-designer of the Novi engine. Pictured here are 2 of Ralph's pay stubs and the original telegram sent by Preston Tucker regarding Leo Goosen. This is some history.

I have company in my office today.

Just a sampling of the drag racing programs I have in stock. If you are looking for anything in particular let me know.

Sorting decals and stickers. If you see anything you need just ask.

Latest addition to my collection thanks to my good buddy Mike @mr2performance

Proud to Stand Against Racism today in Philadelphia with my son and my friend @jenitwonickels When I marched in the 60's I would not have imagined that 50 years later it would still be necessary.

Without question, the coolest car dealer emblem I have ever personally owned.

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