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UM ARMY 2018: My second year spending part of my summer helping out people in need in another small town in Texas, and I already miss it so much. I met so many new awesome people and made so many new friends. God’s love really is reckless.

Beach day with the boys yesterday. Can’t believe almost all of these dudes are going to college next year, I’m really going to miss y’all. Summer’s not over yet though... 🌊

Eagle Week 2018 was an awesome experience and I loved every second of it. From hanging with kids at Doulos to digging trenches and carrying buckets of sand in the heat, to getting closer to God and everyone else on the trip, it really was unforgettable. Nothing beats serving God and His people: after all “doulos” does mean “servant”. Peace out DR, see you soon Costa Rica✌️

Today was the football banquet, so even though the 2017 season ended a couple weeks ago it's a good time to look back on the four months we spent getting yelled at on 160 degree turf. Looking forward to next year, but not gonna lie I'm going to miss some of these dudes.

⚔Texas Ren-Fest 2017 with the bro yesterday, and whatever the thing with the beanie's supposed to be...⚔

Homecoming '17: Great night, great people, not so great music, but it was definitely a good time to remember for a long time.

New year, same old friends. I really don't know what life would be like without y'all. We should peg each other with water balloons full of paint a lot more often.

Back from UM ARMY 2017 in Jacksonville, Texas. I'm so glad I got to serve as the body of Christ together with all of you. By the end of the week, our group had completed a 26 foot wheelchair ramp, fixed a porch roof and helped to fix another, and poured a concrete slab. Overall, our whole team finished 15 total work sites. Totally plan to go back again next year to have another awesome time!

Las Manos Haiti 2017. Been about 48 hours since I came back from some of the best 10 days of my life. It was my second time traveling to Haiti with our church's awesome youth group. I mean it when I say that y'all are like a second family to me, and Haiti like a second home. I miss all of you, and it's hard waking up without some of you to spend the long day with, and you probably know who you are. I am blessed to be able to have grown spiritually and emotionally with you. Until next year!

Just couldn't resist posting some more from the concert. I tried not to record as much as I could, but some things just have to be caught on camera, so these are the best moments from the show. The guys did an awesome job and I will never forget this experience. Now to wait a month for the live recorded CD to come in the mail so I can listen to it all over again....Horns Up!🤘🏻 "Master Of Puppets" "Wherever I May Roam" "Halo On Fire" "Anesthesia-Pulling Teeth" (RIP Cliff) "Fade to Black" "One" "Nothing Else Matters" "Battery" #Metallica #worldwired #avengedsevenfold #volbeat #metal #concert #nrg #metinhouston

Got beer thrown on me, can't hear almost anything right now, I've lost my voice completely, and my neck is sore from headbanging. But despite anything that could have happened, today's concert has easily taken the top spot as the best day of my life. Metallica isn't a band I like, they're a band I love. Come back soon guys, Houston will always want heavy! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻#MetInHouston #worldwired #metallica #houston #nrg #concert #metal #avengedsevenfold #volbeat

Spent the last two weeks away from home, and I'm glad to be back now. Still not old enough to throw any chips at the casinos (legally), but I'm going to miss Vegas and Arizona now that spring break is over. Fingers crossed for next spring too. #Arizona #Vegas #springbreak

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