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Graffiti Art Magazine  Paris-based paper magazine founded in 2008, bilingual French/English, available in newsstands and bookstores in Europe, USA, Canada and Japan.

@sebastien_preschoux solo show “Straight to the Curve” will be on view at  @davidblochgallery  in Marrakech until January 13th.
Image: "Pulsar" acrylic paint on inked wood, 97 x 146 cm, 2018
#sebastienpreschoux #davidblochgallery #opticalart #marrakech #soloshow

@issesma debut solo show in Los Angeles « Unpaved Paradise » will open tonight Dec. 15th with @pdp_gallery_df - 806 Mateo St. LA, 7pm
#inigosesma #pdpgallery #laart #openingreception #soloshow

@snikarts are in Paris and just completed their mural with @lemuroberkampf .
#snik #snikarts #lemuroberkampf #streetartparis

Book signing and print release by at @galerieopenspace in Paris today Dec.15th, at 3:00pm
#levalet #galerieopenspace #booksigning #printrelease

@brettcrawfordart will open his solo show “Flying Close to the Sun” this Friday December 14th - 6-9 pm with @avenuedesarts_hk in Los Angeles.
Image: “IT’S ME”, 2018, 40” x 40”, Acrylic and spray paint on canvas
#brettcrawfordart #avenuedesarts #openingreception #laart

Here is @h_y_u_r_o ´s latest work ¨…What Remains. ¨ created for in Belo Horizonte, Brazil beautifully captured by .
Do read the artist’s statement:
It is estimated that every year in Brazil there are between 500 thousand and 1.2 million abortions. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, around 250 thousand women are hospitalized per year because of complications derived from abortion. In 2016, the last year for which there are official figures, 203 women died due to clandestine abortions and poorly done procedures. These numbers are just a small percent of the actual situation.
Women of middle and upper class have a safer access to abortions because they can travel abroad or go to trained medical professionals who are willing to perform them. According to public defenders, poor women represent a disproportionately high percentage of those who die, fall ill or face criminal charges when trying to interrupt a pregnancy.
In Brazil, where Congress has become more conservative in recent years and the political power of evangelicals has grown, lawmakers have introduced measures to completely ban abortion. There are few policies that advocate legalization or decriminalization. Those activists who do so frequently are threatened or socially repudiated.
Penalization is the most powerful current legal practice in the social construction of a limited conception of women, which is not consistent with the values of democratic ethics.
The social consequence of this legal prohibition is that this type of feminine subjectivity is imposed as a normative parameter not only on the woman who aborts, but on all women.
The penalty instrumentalizes, silences, domesticates and humiliates women, questioning our decision-making capacity, organizing our body, imposing us motherhood and restricting our life project.
The image represents what remains, the emptiness in the face of the loss of every woman who has been confronted with the need of provoking a clandestine abortion. The hanger on which the dress hangs symbolizes a daily stinging element, as it can be a knitting needle, instruments with which domestic abortions continue to be carried out. #hyuro

We are loving @untitledartfair in Miami.
Here is @boris_tellegen at @galerieronmandos booth

Urban Art Auction this Sunday Dec 9th, @aguttes_ at 15:15pm GMT+2 - Exhibition Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning
#taki183, Sans titre, Bombe aérosol sur toile, 105,5 x 181,5 cm
#Shepardfairey, Liberté - Egalité - Fraternité, 2016, Sérigraphie sur papier, signée, datée et numérotée 80/450, 61 x 45,5 cm @obeygiant .
#JonOne, 80 cts Circles, Paris 2017,Huile et acrylique sur toile, 164 x 100 cm @jonone_156
Contact: @ophelieguillerot

@faith47 and @castaniergalalery time-limited edition print "Grand Master" will be released for only 48 hours on December 6-7. The giclée print, sized 20 x 24 in. (51x61cm), will be signed and numbered on 300g cotton fine art paper, and with a certificate of authenticity.

To buy the print go to the Castanier Gallery online store from 12:00am (EST) Thursday December 6th through 11:59pm (EST) Friday December 7th

As @pejac_art puts it "Paris sera toujours Paris"
Image: Triptych - Anti-Riot shields with a painting in a tribute to Delacroix's masterpiece ‘La liberté guidant le peuple’ (liberty leading the people), 1830, created by Pejac for his 2016 London Show.
#pejac #delacroix #revolution #paris

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