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I never made the crowd fans, I made 'em all fam.


Mask off

MAY 17. @wearethewall

Ain't nobody prayin for me

There's always that one dude riding his scooter in the green room skrrt skrrt

Me each time I listen to that @kendricklamar album. #DAMN

Me and my friends shut down this iconic venue last month. Full video at
@thatboykwame @savourtherations @srirajmahal @korky.buchek @bobbygray.bbg @wearethewall

It's an honour every ANZAC Day to interact with - and be surrounded by - people for whom I hold the upmost respect. Still feels like you're marching alongside me. Lest We Forget 🇦🇺🇳🇿

"I'll have an early night"
*six hours later*

Sipping my drink while the upper class give me looks like they're questioning what a person like me is doing here 🐸☕️ #SitDown #BeHumble

Ever tried to not dance during a @kaytranada set? Impossible.

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