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Graciela Montes  22 | Los Ángeles 📍 | 🇲🇽 | beauty influencer SC👻 : laplebeguzman

Fugaa ✈️✌🏻 top: @victoriasboutique2012 most comfortable loose thin top ever!!! Doesn’t feel bulky

Braids 💜

People always ask me “how do you do it” well , i work smart not hard ,i live in the ghetto in a small apartment that i call home and im happy there , i dont pay crazy rent to impress other people so they can see i live in luxury , i dont wear louboutins or the same versace heels i get my shoes at lolashotique , I don’t wear brand clothing or branded purses , my LV luggage is as fancy as it gets , i wear fashion nova or clothing from the callejones because thats what suits my body the best , i dont go clubbing every weekend and make club owners rich , you see they are working smart not hard. I rather spend 2000$ on a trip then on a purse , the purse is just going to sit there after your bored of it and people will judge if you don’t stay up to date with the latest one , stop trying to impress people with materialistic stuff of by flaunting money on your ig stories or Snapchat, impress your mind by taking it to places and allowing it to explore different cultures , you can get your money stolen or that expensive purse , nobody can steal a experience or a good memory remember that. Now im off to a new adventure for the next 2 weeks ✈️📍I truly feel Blessed and fortunate to be able to do this and thankful for my mother who is always supporting me and helping me as well 💜

Buen diaaa grupo 🤣 cual es tu canción favorita de Vicente Fernandez ? La mia es la derrota 😆🇲🇽

Ella es vianca tiene 2 años de edad quedo huerfana el dia de antier con las lluvias ocasionadas a su mama de la llevo arroyo de la colonia 6 de enero en culiacan Sinaloa se quedo solita con su hermanito de 17 años de verdad estan sucediendo cosas muy dolorosas vamos apoyar a esta niña hermosa no crean que porque no fue un ciclón o un huracán no pasaron cosas horribles niños huérfanos cientos de personas en la calle sin nada para mas info sobre vianca pueden comunicarse con @rabanito702 el es amigo del hermano de vianca y se estan quedando en su casa gracias mi gente y dios los bendiga a

I used to be a cheer leader, they kicked me out for fighting lol , antes era porrista me sacaron por pelionera jaja

Thailand 🇹🇭 💜

@pariss_nails always gets down with my nails, inspiration and powder from @thaoweezy123

Si la vida te da golpes se inteligente, quedate callado , aguantalos y superalos , por que todos esos golpes te daran la suficiente fuerza para regresarle uno ☝️ , pero bien dado ..... -Graciela Montes

Outfit: @teroezcloset

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