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Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison  Artists’ books, creation thereof, we make all sorts of things. Chiefly in the company of animals. And you.


And now with our twelve-page floor plan for ‘A whisker of light’ organised down to the last millimetre, it feels peculiar to think it is finally happening.

The invitation to restage this grid of 400+ postcards and pencil drawings in flight was extended in 2014, on the back of our exhibition, ‘By this unwinding night’, at Latrobe Regional Gallery in 2012 and later at Geelong Gallery. It feels so long ago since we said 'yes, we'd love to, let's do this', but here we are, ready, primed, if a little less elastic (us, not the work). A lot has changed since then, but not everything. We're still making. Still shuffling, leafing, rolling along. One step at a time, and enjoying (and sharing) the process.

A timeline traced, a new post on Marginalia has landed:
http://www.graciahaby.com/home/2017/12/5/a-framework-of-postcard-collages ✉️
‘A Whisker of Light’


Louise is conducting two workshops at Firestation Print Studio in January. 🦆
(1) ‘Watercolouring and making a book’
Thursday 18th of January, 2018
10am to 4pm
Louise Jennison is besotted with paper for its adaptable, foldable, cut-able, concealable, and revealing nature. Her limited edition artists’ books, and other works hard to pin down, are often made collaboratively with fellow artist, Gracia Haby. In their artists' books, prints, zines, drawings, and collages, they use play, and perhaps the poetic as well, to reel you in closer.
Their artists' books can be found in the collections of: Artspace Mackay; the university libraries of Deakin; Melbourne; Monash; and RMIT; Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery; National Galleries of Victoria; and Australia; the State Libraries of Australia; New South Wales; Victoria; and Queensland; the Tate; and the University of West England.
In this one day workshop with Louise you will cut and fold a concertina book, complete with cover. You will also have the chance to watercolour upon this folded stage from cover to cover.
Bring your imagination, watercolours, and favourite brushes. All bookbinding equipment and paper is included. (2) ‘Five instant gratification books to make’
Friday 19th of January, 2018
10am to 4pm
In this one day workshop, you will have the chance to make five small books. There will be some stitching, a little gluing, a slice of cutting, and much folding.
Bring your willingness to explore, and leave with a library of your own artists’ books and a world of knowledge. All bookbinding equipment and paper is included.
To discover more, please head to: http://www.fps.org.au/store/c6/Workshops.html


Monday’s good news is furred and tailed. The two kittens our neighbour’s son was going to dump have been desexed and given the green light to move through to adoption at the Lost Dogs’ Home. Their Dad, Omar, however, is stressed and has not coped in the shelter. Tomorrow he will be microchipped, vaccinated, and desexed, as well as tested for any viruses. As he falls into the unlikely to be adopted category, and all the shelters are at- or over-capacity, things were not looking too good for him, but a good neighbour’s Mum, who lives on a farm with a menagerie of rescues, has swooped in to save him. Omar will be swapping city for country, and is set to live a bright long life. A lap awaits Omar the II, lucky after all.
Head to https://dogshome.com/cat-adoption/adopt-a-cat to adopt. (The white kitten is a boy, ID 1039132, and the brilliantly moustached one is a girl, ID 1039131.) 🐈

Lottie explores (Thomas) Kidney reserve and finds it not bean-shaped but scent-rich.

Thinking about the vulnerable coastline, and flat-earth-not-an-oblate-spheroid believers (in relation to a collage commission on a Saturday night). (Image credit: William Holman Hunt, ‘Our English Coasts’ (detail), 1852 (‘Strayed Sheep', 1852))

Head to @milly_sleeping, Carlton, to find ‘It was a familiar pattern’, our “little mesmerising flipbook, based on a moving #collage of the same name.

Let the pages #flutter with pace and watch an unexpected assembly surface from the sea (and retreat again) afront a passing ship.

Created for (and currently exclusive to) Milly Sleeping.

Printed in Melbourne; assembled and editioned by hand by Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison AKA Gracia & Louise.

PS. This work also relates to an exhibition called 'Looped', now showing in the Latrobe Reading Room at the State Library of Victoria.” ☁️
Or pick up a copy online:


No trip to the #RSPCA to collect supplies for our foster cat is complete without calling in on the cats currently up for adoption. This sweetheart is a champagne-coloured smoocher named Chamooch (No. 883197, Burwood East shelter). The title for smoochiest feline belongs to this 2-year-old sweetheart who throws himself at you with Pepé Le Pew ardour, trilling ‘zee cabbage does not run away from zee corn beef’.

Make spot like a giraffe. Flit iridescent like a songbird. Or roll a seal (by Batesford Bridge, Geelong, and featured on our greeting card, ‘Wet whiskers drying’) to a friend. To celebrate the good news that our exhibition, ‘Looped’, in the La Trobe Reading Room of @library_vic, has been invited to stay in place until August, 2018, we are offering FREE POSTAGE on all orders placed through our online store. From now until the end of the year, simply enter the code LOOPED upon checkout. And head to the library to curl your tail around our artists’ books in the dome dais.

Taking you on another #pockettour of the #RMITart studios. Duck over to @rmit_art to see more, like this painting, ‘The Wanderer’, 2016, oil on linen, by @rmit_mfa graduate Richard Knafelc, who kindly pretended to hang his painting while I took a photo of him and his painted self beneath a night sky heavy with stars.

And Pekka Kuusisto coaxed forth a bird from the inside of the violin and all felt hopeful once more. With wings of pure bight sound, it flew about the recital centre, before taking up roost in a wooden recess. Thank-you ACO Collective for your string-fraying enthusiasm, fluid movements, controlled chaos, and the sublime sounds and silence of Pēteris Vasks. Hope was indeed found, a ‘Distant Light’ (concerto for violin and string orchestra) in the landscape. Sometimes partly hidden, but ever present. A timely reminder “to hold out against the darkness”. And to one day fly. So visual, the alarm and waltz. More please, @austchamberorchestra and @melbrecital. 🎻 (Image credit: ‘Maannacht’, Julie de Graag, 1920, Riijksmuseum)

Because she knew we looked after foster animals for the #RSPCA, a neighbour knocked on our door with two kittens and their Dad in a cardboard box, sealed with electrical tape and no air-holes. Her son could no longer look after them and though he’d never had his cat desexed, he never wanted the hassle of kittens. He was just going to “chuck” the Dad and kittens on the street. They were “too much”. The Mum had ‘belonged’ to his friend. The cats had to go or he “didn’t know what he’d do”. She thought they were 6-weeks old, but the threads of the story kept changing. And so, on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, in the role of sad couriers, we said we’d take them to the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne, the nearest animal shelter. With a handwritten note of surrender from our neighbour and her son, we took two little kittens and their honey-eyed Dad to their second chance, their bright new start-over. The three appeared in good health and were social and snuggly, so hopefully they will be given the green light for adoption. As we have our own pets and a foster cat from the RSPCA at home, we couldn’t take them in, but we will keep checking on their progress. Though all three were nameless, when asked what their names were we said, in honour of our dearly beloved Siamese, that the Dad was called Omar. We thought it would prove lucky for him. May Omar and those dear kittens (one with a fine moustache) find their forever home. And soon. Surrendering an animal on someone else’s behalf makes the heart heavy. But at least they are cared for and safe. (Please note, we called the Cat Protection Society, RSPCA, and other shelters, and were informed that we needed to take them to a shelter within our municipality.)

To celebrate the good news that our exhibition, ‘Looped’, in the La Trobe Reading Room of State Library Victoria, has been invited to stay in place until August, 2018, we are offering FREE POSTAGE on all orders placed through our online store, from now until the end of the year. Simply enter the code LOOPED upon checkout. And head to the library to curl around our collaged tale in the dome dais.

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