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grace rose farm  lovingly grown cut garden roses for floral designers + specialty rose nursery

We’re back!! Ryan had to go to the market at 1am today after a 10pm arrival last night, poor guy. Ten days away was a long time for us since we almost never travel anymore because of the roses. We have some new travel buds we’re making plans with - @breanna_petiteabeille and @chrishugon - and we’re definitely going to visit the sweetest @floresie in the coming year!

This morning I walked the fields and the plants have seriously never looked better! Thank you, Bulmaro, Fermin and Rosario for keeping the roses healthy and productive! Dan and Jessica are our power order processing duo assisted by Lupita and Delores. They shipped more orders than we’ve ever done in one week - amazing! And, Juan and Manuel budded over a thousand new roses last week! We have the best team, happy tears and gratitude for these hard working, loyal people.
Our dahlias are going off and we didn’t have time to cut any for the market today so please let us know what we can bring you on Friday at the LA flower market. I go through shock and awe every time I see our dahlia patch...they’re beyond and we’re loaded with them!

Pure Perfume ❤️ A white garden rose worth shipping! We don’t ship many whites due to bruising so we’re very happy Pure Perfume withstands FedEx. She’s been a hit this month so we’re adding more to our collection next season. For as beautiful as Pure Perfume is, her scent is even better!

Today I got my flower processing, fabric trimming, bow tying, silk ironing and pashmina rolling skills on for tomorrow’s @sinclairandmoore Lake Como wedding! It’s magical here and such a treat to spend time with this wonderful group. Only problem is we don’t want to go home, so we may hop over to Venice for a few days...

We’re currently flying over the Atlantic en route to Milan to join @sinclairandmoore for a beautiful wedding! A much needed break from the three year grind of growing garden roses is something we’ve procrastinated taking. The last time we had more than a single day away from our roses was Christmas 2015 in Maui. Like many business owners, we work seven days a week and we’re really tired, so we hope this time away recharges us and provides new perspective for our business. We have amazing people working at the farm and the most wonderful caretaker for our pets, so it’s time to finally enjoy life a little. Thank you, Steve, for recognizing we need a break from our roses and including us on the wedding journey! And back at the farm... In addition to our cut roses, our nursery is in full swing! Thousands of roses are happily growing and hundreds more are being propagated everyday. Recently @restorationrose and I collected budwood throughout California. Pictured is a 1962 floribunda Lilac Dawn which was bred from one of my all time favorites, Lavender Pinocchio. Yes, we’re growing the highly sought after and extremely rare Lavender Pinocchio! This fall our nursery will offer French teas, bourbons, hybrid musks, English shrubs, chinas, oddballs, old hybrid teas and floribundas, noisettes, found roses and new varieties from hybridizers we love. Truly, the most beautiful roses in the world! Our page will be live soon so everyone can see the jaw droppers we’re bringing back to commerce (or to commerce for the very first time). We plan to have our shop open in a few weeks! Xx

Bronze to blush and so many shades in between 💕 We’re anticipating a huge flush of Distant Drums in a few days that’s going to give our Felcos a workout! I’ve had a love-hate relationship with this rose for over a decade. It’s such a pretty plant that blooms endlessly, but spider mites love it even more than florists. Even with our best preventative measures taken, half our Distant Drums got hit with spider mites in July. When other varieties around DD are mite free, DD get them - bad! We put them into our ‘rose rehab’ program and six weeks later they’re enormous plants loaded with buds beyond expectation. As I always say, roses give back tenfold what we put into them! Due to so many requests for rose care info, I’m working on publishing my ‘rose rehab’ tips and tricks for gardeners. Stay tuned! 💕 Floral designers: Since we have so many Distant Drums coming soon, they’re are on sale for events starting Sept 10th. Use TONSOFDRUMS to save $9 per dozen. #gardenroses #flowerfarmer

I first spied Polka on @floretflower feed last year and knew I had to have it. I set my alarm and ordered tubers the moment Erin’s shop opened. They are magic! Thank you, Erin, for sending so many more Polka than the handful I ordered. This dahlia is such a stunner and a keeper. My favorite!

I’ve found a new love!! In spring @floretflower sent us several enormous boxes of tubers that I looked at with fear wondering if we’d kill them. “Gracie, stay in your lane” kept going through my head. Fortunately they’ve been really easy to care for and are churning out thousands of dahlias! I cannot get enough of them! Since everyone seems to love our dahlias so much, we’re going to give an acre of our farm to just dahlias next year - and get them started earlier so we have them all summer. Many designers have asked us to ship them, but we’re sticking local for these. There are amazing flower farmers around the country from which to source local dahlias and they don’t ship that well. Locals, any colors or varieties you want in ‘19? This armload is for @mooncanyon sherbet and raspberry wedding today! 💗💗💗 #dahlias #cagrown #flowerfarmer

A frequent conversation Ryan and I have is about how touched we are by the beautiful, thoughtful people in our industry. Every email and DM we receive with notes of gratitude is so appreciated. I’m a believer of nature and flowers attracting kind souls and making kindreds spirits out of people. We’re introverts and keep to ourselves for the most part, so opening our farm for people has been something we’ve given considerable thought since receiving hundreds of inquiries about visiting our farm and learning from us. We came to the conclusion it would be a disservice not to welcome our friends, clients and peers at our farm. After all, without all the people who support us, we would just have a massive rose garden and never see our roses make others happy. So, we will host tours, gardening classes, workshops and more next year! Lots of plans are in the making with talented and loved floral artists and growers. One of my best pals @theflowerhat is a constant source encouragement, love and laughs. Julio will be joining us for a flower farming and floral design experience! Our roses are nestled in a serene valley amongst thousands of acres of organic vineyards and other flower farms we plan to tour and learn from. Details coming soon! Julio received our roses yesterday and took time out of wedding prep to capture them so beautifully for us. #flowerfarmer #gardenroses

The hours right before sunset are when I feel most alive aka not a morning person. I try to spend my evenings solo amongst the roses, and doing so has made me a fan of hand weeding. A little work makes for instant gratification and a sense of accomplishment before the day ends. We watered one of our Evelyn patches today so it was the perfect time to pull weeds. Wet soil = easy weeding. I hadn’t intended to cut Evelyn, but these were too open for orders and too pretty to let the sun fade, so they came home with me. Buddy waited patiently by the gate while I worked, as he always does. I’m the only one he does that for and he’s made a dog lover out of this CCL. 🐶💗🐱 Our Evelyns took a break in the summer heat, and just got their new growth back. We’ll be cutting armloads any day now! #gardenroses #flowerfarmer #greatpyrenees

So extra ✨

Four Graces ~ Yesterday would have been by Grandma Grace’s 108 birthday. She and my grandfather served as Christian missionaries in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Cuba for 25 years where dozens of churches and missions were opened under their leadership. Their service and life as missionaries ended early due to my grandfather’s untimely passing in 1970. My grandma returned to the states to start her life over and subsequently lost her two youngest children, including my mother Grace Ruth, just three years apart in the early 80’s. A book, By the Grace of God: The Life of Grace Prescott, was written about her undying faith and optimism even at times of deepest sorrow and seemingly insurmountable challenges. I’m the third Grace, we’ll actually I’m Gracielinda, and Gracie fits me better than Grace as a nickname. My grandma raised me for five years while my mother bravely fought cancer at the City of Hope. During those early years I spent most of my days amongst the roses at my grandma’s. She lived in one of forty cottages on a campus for retired missionaries. Most of the missionaries had rose gardens (after all it was Pasadena, home of the Rose Parade) they meticulously cared for and I remember going from cottage to cottage to visit each of my missionary friends to see their gardens. I was the only permanent child living there so I got a lot of attention (and cookies). My grandma adored her roses, her rose bone china, rose pins, rose lace doilies, and anything rose. I’ve learned roses are much like her. They long to persevere and thrive even amongst challenges. When I began collecting roses nearly 20 years ago it was always for and because of my Grandma Grace. Our farm and every rose we’ve planted is for her. Grace Rose Farm is the fourth Grace.

Hottest week ever, but we’re getting work in the fields checked off the to-do list! We’re thankful our roses are still pumping them out, despite the ridiculous heat. They’re far more resilient than me! This evening at 6pm I’m talking about roses (what else!) at @casadumetzwines tasting room and bringing our field grown party favors for everyone. Join us if you can!

Last week Ryan and I had the opportunity to welcome @sinclairandmoore at our farm and work with him on a stunning local wedding. For the record, this was my first time helping with a wedding and I don’t know how you all do it week after week! I now have enormous respect for wedding professionals. Steve and I have gotten to know one another over the last couple of years and shared our hopes for our businesses and the industry. We’re kindred spirits who love to dream and plan. Not that anyone has ever doubted, but Steve is a workhorse and creative genius. Seeing his thought process and execution is something I’ll never forget. How he keeps it all together perfectly with so many moving parts amazes me. We’re very thankful for the time he spent helping Ryan and me turn our ideas into tangible direction...and now we have to get busy for next season so we can open our doors for education, events and more! Steve discovered and used all our white roses and I loved seeing them fill the 100 foot table he designed. Steve, thank you for being here, inspiring us and collaborating with us on beautiful things to come! We can’t wait!

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