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basically a fp for my bf  main: @graceniccole

appreciation post to this daddy bears EYEBROWS (i’m his cub) 🐻 so arched, so strong, so defined. can’t wait for him to look at me sternly again, arch his brows, push me down and fu-

me when i see a boy that’s not christian

look how gorgeous he is! his little mustache looks like a little milk mustache ☺️☺️ DONT YOU WANT TO JUST KISS HIM RIGHT ON HIS CUTE LIPS AWW

appreciation post for christians hands 😍 can’t wait to be choked again

6 days 🐻💕

my heart

7 days 💛☁️

i see christian again in one week :(
i miss him so much :’( i’m gonna do a count down thing so it feels like the days are going faster so next post will be 7 days

me after i ruin my life randomly ( i randomly I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY took my HARD lipgloss and BANGED IT AGAINST MY ANKLE BONE YOU CAN HEAR IT EEWWW it hurt soooo bad ow)

can someone recommend me new music to listen to, the charts are so dead rn, WE NEED LANA, BEAR, AND G EAZY TO COME THRU RN GRRRRR

i could’ve sworn he said “im gettin REAL sick & tired” and not “i’m gettin pretty sick & tired” THIS HAS TO BE A MANDELA EFFECT


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