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Grace Helbig  New Video: 4/20 STONER SNACKS

Happy Earth Day. To celebrate, here's an old photo of me outside (before getting my palm read). Nature!

Happy 4/20, dummies! Let me teach you how to make "Kitchen Pot SurPIEs" aka delicious stoner snack pies to celebrate he holiday! Link in my bio!

This bitch. 👸🏼👹

I posted a new video with these dorks reacting to some of our first Instagram posts! It was an emotional rollercoaster. Link in my bio!

HOLY SHIT, IT'S THE 100TH EPISODE OF #NotTooDeep!!!!!! In honor of such a relatively unimportant milestone we decided to shake things up! This week @mmitchelldaviss is the host and I'm the guest! HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTHOLES! Watch the full episode on @fullscreen!

Have you watched my most recent "commenting on comments" video yet? I gave my boobs a pep talk and had a small existential crisis! Link in my bio!

Happy Easter from three gungans who have been very full of Holy Spirits for the last two weeks.

Goodbye, Iceland! You showed me a penis museum, a chunky Jesus and a bar called Boston Bar with absolutely no signs of anything Boston related and possibly a fourteen year old bartender! Thanks for the memz!

I just rode an ATV in Iceland and now I only speak in undefined noises.

Weather Warning: There's been a flood of flops here in Iceland.

It's my last day in Iceland and I'm missing this beautiful dumbass so much.

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