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Emily Grace  Proud mama πŸ‘©πŸΌπŸ‘§πŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸΆ, firefighter's wife to @nineoneonedad πŸš’, NASM CPT πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ #EmGetsStrong. Follow our move to the country @Farmette825 πŸ“


Currently having a coffee date... in my car... in the driveway... with my toddler. I got him a mini water and let him have at it until it’s gone. Really, it’s multitasking. Bath time + car wash + coffee time + no one touching me or all.the.things time. Also known as James is working a 48hr shift. #momstrugglingwell #momlife #firefighterwife #sonic #icedcoffee #soniccoffeetwist #almostnaptimefriends #ithinkican #fixitJesus

About 30 seconds before this picture he sneezed and without missing a beat leaned over and wiped his entire face on my shirt. Thanks bud. Little boys really do love their mamas something fierce, snotty noses and all. #ggebw #boymom #neverknewwhatiwasmissing #IanJamesB #ragweedpleasegoaway #allergiesgotmelike

Thank you for the goodies, @sweetshopusa! I'm all set to celebrate National White Chocolate Day on Sept 22... if these last until then! (#AD Get some of your own at some speciality stores and dept stores like Nordstrom and Macy's.) See more in my IG story.

@themarygraham said to buy this dress and I did and now you should too. Long enough for tall girls and feels like pajamas. Oh andplusalso... pockets. This unicorn of a maxi is on #Amazon my friends. #adorablechildnotincluded #thatfeaturecostsextra #noonday #jcrew #goodhairday #ootd #whatiwore

Sunday has been cancelled due to the occurrence of a good mood snugly baby. Any and all activities that involve getting out of bed are postponed until further notice. Except coffee. Coffee is never cancelled. #IanJamesB #ggebw #fatherandson #thesnuggleisreal #goodmoodbaby

Soccer Mom Saturday. Also, soccer sister and soccer brother. #soccermom #gameday

3/5 down for the count as the end of summer sickness claims another victim. I feel terrible. Trying to figure out which of my kids is supposed to make me soup and who is going to be responsible for carrying on all the other mom duties. Is this a oldest to youngest type deal or do I take volunteers or what? Ian has already claimed the role of space heater and chief snuggler. #momlife #nosickdays #keepcalmandmomon

Fun mail day. Whoop whoop! βœˆοΈπŸ›³#havepassportwilltravel #letsseetheworld #bigadventure

Uggggghhhhh. How did we go from giggles all day to this suddenly sick baby? 2 minutes before this photo he was hysterical crying and writhing in pain, so much he made himself throw up. Maybe the worst I've ever seen from any of my babes. That was awful. Oil up your kiddos now bc something is going around. Sophia had it yesterday and had to miss school for the first time. #IanJamesB #ggebw #mysweetbaby #poorbaby πŸ’™

Whole30 went well lol the whole eleven days. James and I had a big fat juicy cheeseburger last night and immediately after my first bite he confessed he quit two days before hahaha. It wasn't all for naught; I did lose 7lbs and I learned to drink, dare I say... enjoy, black coffee. That alone cut 6 tsp of sugar from my day! #whole30fail #butterisfromtheLord #realtalk

Saving this one for the wedding slide show. 😘 #cuties

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