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Emily Grace  Proud mama 👩🏼👧🏻👶🏼👶🏽🐶, firefighter's wife to @nineoneonedad 🚒, NASM CPT 🏋🏻‍♀️ #EmGetsStrong. Follow our move to the country @Farmette825 🐓

Operation get my life back on track after being completely consumed by adoption paperwork was mostly a success today. Cleaned the house which desperately needed it. Started to make dinner, realized the pipes that drain the sinks/ tubs were clogged. Spent an hour trying to clear it and then decided @dukesbsc for dinner was necessary. They never disappoint. (I’ve heard of the “adoption curse” when a big unexpected expense or problem pops up right after you mail “the big check”. I hope this was it and that @nineoneonedad can get it all fixed ASAP.) #countryproblems #thatdukessaucetho #atleastitwasntashift

Just caught my cleaning partner sleeping on the job. #adventuresofemme

We mailed our dossier today- all 2 pounds of it! The last piece of the timeline we had “control” over. Now we wait at the mercy of agency workers, translators, and two governments on opposite sides of the world to bring #littlebrobruno home. #adoption #imexhausted #neverwanttoseeanothernotaryagain

@nineoneonedad finished his entire pecan praline @nothingbundtcakes by the time I finished editing this pic. High praise from someone who rarely eats dessert!! I only got one bite but it was yummy. #nothingbundtcakes

Thankful for a husband that comes home from shift and pushes me out the door when I “NEED” to go to Target. We can send care packages to Eli now and James knows I want to be at the post office first thing Monday morning. Shopping for him is both therapeutic and... a struggle. Will these shoes fit him? Is he feeding himself yet? What’s April weather like in Korea? Still, it feels so good to just long for him while wandering the aisles aimlessly, much like I did while pregnant with our first three. 💙 #littlebrobruno #onedaycloser

This little snaggletooth. Today when I picked her up from school one of the teachers said she asked Sophia what she was going to do this weekend. To which Sophia replied, “Oh, just wait for baby Eli to come home.” I’ve been praying for God to prepare Eli’s heart for us, but I don’t worry about this girl for one second. She is determined to be his best friend whether he’s ready for it or not 😂😍 #ggebw #littlebrobruno

Made an impulse decision (seriously, I managed to wash, dry, and curl my hair in only 30mins) to drive to the station after school to see @nineoneonedad. It’s an hour and a half both ways for us to only stay an hour there, and there’s always the risk he could get a fire or major accident the second we get there, but it’s still always worth it ❤️🚒💙

A week ago we found out he was ours and today it’s his first birthday. This broken little cake just about sums it up. Happy Birthday, Eli. I pray every day that I get to say it to you in person next year, but right now I desperately can’t wait to say hello. #whenhappybirthdayisnthello #sometimesitsgoodbye #weliveinabrokenworld #butweserveagoodgoodGod #littlebrobruno

Sitting here practicing Korean while passing the “observation time” after my yellow fever shot and I’m like WHO I AM? But in the best way possible. Sometimes the mountains we need to move are ourselves. #africabound #koreabound #talktomeinkorean <— their podcast is AWESOME!

Feeling all the feels today. Watching him be a father to our kids is my favorite. #lovethem #IanJamesB #fatherandson #firefighter #firefighterdad #firefighterwife #firstresponder #dad #husband

The faces your kids make when they see their baby brother for the first time. 😍😍😍 I can’t share his picture yet, so this video will have to suffice for now. We’ve been matched! The weight of God’s goodness hasn’t even begun to sink in yet. #littlebrobruno #adoption

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