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Christy Dailey  #momblogger #parenting #postpartum health/wellness #azblogger #momoffive sharing the growing pains of parenting.

Love this post from @januaryharshe . Not because alcohol is bad (y’all know I dig some wine!), but because it will never give us rest or rejuvenation. This parenting thing is HARD! But there is hope and rest that is true. ♥️ Matthew 11:29

“We do not need to be all things to all people. We need to be faithful to what His grace has allowed us to accomplish for now... We hold tightly to Jesus and to what it looks like to live according to our identity as His beloved.” • new post • link in bio •

My three middle kids started their first day at brand new schools today! And my sweet Eve is going to school for the first time ever! Kindergarten doesn't scare her one bit. She is so ready.... can't say the same for the parents. 😭😭

Although official training is still a few months out, I am so excited to begin the journey of becoming a "for real" doula. So I'm reading all the things... 🙌🏼 #lifegoals #theverylongroadtomidwifery

She woke up with tousled hair, climbed up next to me at my work station and said, "I need your coffee."

#newpost! With my baby turning 2, I've been thinking on the all that has happened, all that I've learned, and the growth that has taken place since having her. Link in bio

My crew in blue!! Our nephew/ cousin Calvin has brought so much light and life to our family and we are thankful and proud to #lightitupblue in honor of him today!! 💙💙 #autismawareness #autismspeaks #differentnotless

Seems like when I was a kid, "Kindergarten Readiness" meant that my Mr. Sketch markers were properly nestled in the pocket of my Rainbow Bright backpack. 😳

Today I get to love and take care of this one. She is sick and hurting and sad and she wants her mommy by her side as she sleeps. She is comforted simply by knowing I am with her. Another blatant picture of how deeply the love of our Father will comfort us in times of pain and struggle. May the promise of His presence bring comfort and contentment to our weary souls today.

Such a fun box came today! I am so thankful to be on the @chickfila Mom's Panel. This company truly values family and it shows in the way they do business. Thanks for the awesome swag, Chik-Fil-A!

🍻 to all the parents dealing with this situation right now. Hell hath no fury like a toddler denied candy.... #noellagrace #halloween2016 #toddlerwrath #giveherallthecandy #parentsoftoddlers

My oldest found one of his preemie onesies from when he was a baby and decided that #noellagrace should give it go. 😂😂😂😂

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