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Its Elemental My Dear Watson  #SEGAgram my OCs are Grace (single, elemental), Borealis (single, ice) and Chilli (single, fire). RP? Request? (More coming soon, I have a theme 😎)


#segagram I meant to repost this ages ago... Not many people know who Borealis is well HES ONE OF MY OCS!!! AND THIS SPONTANEOUS GIFT WAS AWESOME!

And thank you to @thedrawingangel for drawing this pic of Chilli πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it was by accident, but it is still freaking awesome!

300 FOLLOWERS!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!! Guess I will have to draw more πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ THANK YOU TO @proshadow_8 AS MY 300th FOLLOWER!

I know, I know it's not SEGA or drawing or ANYTHING but it's dark. And when it's dark, I don't have much to do (I don't sleep all dat good) so I can't take photos. Or draw. I can watch stuff, talk to people on omegle or insta or stare at the weirdglowstarsonmyceilingthatidontknowwhattheylooklikeasididntputthemup which isn't entertaining so... Yeah... ((Spread the ginger love and please, PLEASE talk to me! πŸ˜‚))

#segagram This episode is procrastination. Yay me. I have exams coming up (next week, someone PLEASE kill me) so limited drawing. Maybe I shalt RP. Or just post a few random sketches which I really dislike (I draw a lot but most of its crap) so yeah. I'm revising. Not drawing. Which is so sad. But yeah. Fun times. I'm planning a new OC. Do yeah. Yay.

For @amy_loving_you do you want me to colour? Cuz I'm like, super busy and I'm sorry I haven't had time to draw this properly XD and btw I WILL be posting! I WILL!!! ((Here is a mini shoutout for @amuletcoin - one of the best drawers I know! She spammed me a couple of days ago and I need to return the favour... Mini shoutout time! I would do something bigger but I'm super busy. GO FOLLOW!)) SPREAD THE GINGER LOVE! :D

Happy Easter people! I'm sorry, I've been so busy and I haven't had time to draw so requests and stuff will be posted ASAP... Hope u guys eats lots of chocolate and stuffs. :D

@ozi_and_terra we should try this some time. In fact, everyone should try this. xD

#segagram I doodle a helluva a lot of weird stuff in the car...

I'm sorry your day was crappy. Have a picture if slenderman in a baby seal suit.

I am just so pleased with the way @poke_trainer_red2 's expression turned out XD I'm sorry I was in the car bored out of my mind and this happened. Yay.

#segagram I finished it. Yay. I am so sorry it took this long! XD and honestly it probably wasn't worth the wait. Hope you like! (Spread the ginger love)

( #segagram )Work in progress for @knux_the_guardian !!! I gotta go have my eyes tested (😭) so I will finish it later!

#segagram PLEASE GIMME SOMETHING TO DRAW... ANYTHING... I will RP (clean I AINT GOT NO DIRTY MIND... Not intentionally anyways...) and request anything. If no one does I will resort to a comic. Yay. Spread the ginger love (yup dats now my thing) and request away! Will be done ASAP. Promise. On my ginger honour.

#segagram tis the ocs! All my ocs badly drawn etc. yeah. Grace, Chilli, Borealis and Echo. Leopard, hedgehog, fox and wolf. This is fun! Spread the ginger love guys and please PLEASE give me something to draw (I have free time. It's a miracle.)

#segagram random doodle in my sketch book... Whatdoyathink people? Bit hyped up saw Divergent today (πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) so yeh... Any ideas good and trades request RP whatever cuz I have holidays and sketch books to fill so yeah. Lemme know.

#segagram yes, it's terrible terrible anime time. Welcome human Borealis, looking sketchy but yet... Young. I sound odd. Meh. Spread the ginger love guys (yup, that's my thing) and ask away to RP request art trade whatever. Yeh art trades are good! XD peace out!

#segagram I believe everyone can relate to this... SCHOOL U SO MEAN. I said read here for a reason... Requests are open! I will try my best and hols are comin up so I will draw/art trade/do requests for anyone who asks! Of anything! (Not literally. I'm not THAT gullible -___- XP) so! SPREAD THE GINGER LOVE! (Did it! Ha!)

YAYZ! A shoutout to the person who shouted ME out with a pic that he used to shout me out. If you can make sense of that, congrats. GO FOLLOW THIS DUDE! :D

#segagram sorry for the dodgy lighting XD and for the lack of posts... Again... Jeez I'm apologising a lot... I will get better! Promise! More drawings/doodles/sketches/old art coming soon and request if ya like. Also thinking about a new OC... Bolt. Gotta finalise it but I hav a bit of an elemental theme here lol... SPREAD THE GINGER LOVE!

I have meant to post this or a loooooooong time! Meet... THE FRIENDLY KIDNEY!!! Thanks to @ozi_and_terra Terra, this friendly kidney was born! YAYZ! Thank you science!

#segagram here is Grce fully re designed and coloureds. Yay. (For @abby_the_hedgehog sorry its so late I was expected to be social at a family gathering... -_______-) working on a pic of Borealis as NO ONE seems to know who he is (and I was damn proud of that drawing too...) with maybe a few anime/chibi kinda sketches in the middle. Hopefully. THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING SPREAD THE GINGER LOVE!

#segagram IM BACK!!! Hahahaaa! I have been ... Away ... For quite a while :( missed this stuff cuz my life was just like IMGONNAFREAKINGGIVEYOUSTUFFTILYOUFREAKINGGIVEUP so yeah! But it's over! I'm back! Hopefully posting more (haha! You have to put up with it!) and spreading ginger love. Thanks for sticking with me and expect a whole load of random text coming your way! (Also pencil sketches. I swear, my colours have legs. And time is messed up.) BAI!

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