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grace  I love taking pictures, but mostly Jesus @gracevw

so I'm a little late, but a couple weeks ago marked one year on instagram for me🎉 I just wanted to thank you all for all the kind words and appreciation on my photos. 😭❤ so a year ago I decided to make this account to experiment with "photography" and get feedback from people on here. turns out I've gained so much more. I've met so many amazing people, seen the world and people in new ways, and have become passionate for photography. these pictures^ are by no means my best, or even favorites really but they showcase some moments of my life that are somewhat monumental, if only for me. my photography has been all over the place and I learn more every day; most of the time I'm not sure why I have so many people who view my work but I'm so thankful I do. you guys are the best, and hopefully I'll continue taking pictures for years to come💁❤❤ (ps the top is really what I started out doing... #nowwehere)

light of life
john 8:12


fading flowers
Isaiah 40:8

repost in honor of #MURICA #PUC2013🇺🇸

those who wait

every so often I like to ask the question of how a photo is viewed by different people. I just had quite a long discussion with another person about this photo and they saw a completely new side, opposite to what my original intention for it had been.
so I'd like to ask, what does this photo mean to you?

sheltered from the storm
part 2 collab with @dfreske!

a coming storm
edit by the one and only @dfreske💁

which path leads to life?
matthew 7:14

I've been to 9 waterfalls this past week, this one was the smallest💁

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