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Ian Harmer  Heroclix, Lovecraft themed pics. keeper of Heroclix team Ravenloft ( animal & monster clix ). unboxing on YouTube brick fury or

Rasputin horrorclix redialled to Heroclix Blight. #teamravenloft #brickfury #heroclix

Horroclix sculpt redialled to Heroclix Blight. #heroclix. #brickfury #teamravenloft

New Arrivals. Groot is so pretty. #heroclix #brickfury

These are going to be fun. #heroclix

Living Icon scenery game piece .
If I paint it will I cock it up ?
#lovecraft #cthulhu

Cast Iron hippo.

Sketch Penguin Clix donated by Brick Fury for the clix against Cancer Game. #heroclix

Lads together.
Not long before a tabletop game breaks out.

I've been sent this strange Artefact.
I have had strange dreams since its arrival

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