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Dareth Chetek 

For 19 years I’ve been blessed to be your mom. You’ve grown from a goofy little boy with an amazing imagination into an incredible man with the most amazing sense of humour. You’ve been through a lot this last year and I can’t begin to tell you how much YOU have taught ME. The poise and strength and positivity you’ve shown is absolutely mind blowing; I could not possibly be any more proud. I love you and I hope year 19 for you is the best one yet. #birthday #fuckcancer #lovethiskid

Happy Birthday Braden! ❤️❤️❤️

Chemo chronicles : Volume 9.
Today marks the 3/4 done mark. Braden’s gone through this whole ordeal like a champ - doctor said to him last week he would not make a good candidate for telling people how awful chemo is. Lol, his one chemo drug can be very hard on and do permanent damage to his lungs so they check his lung function regularly. We had to laugh this time because his lung function has actually gone UP! 🤣 He really IS kicking a$$ and taking names, lmao! Definitely showing cancer it’s messing with the wrong damn kid. 😉 #fuckcancer #dontmesswithmykid #hodgkinslymphoma #kickingcancersass

Every now and then they’ll pretend they like to snuggle. #sisterfromanothermister #pomlife #cockapoo #love

Chemo chronicles volume 5:
If you’d have told me when Braden was born, or ten years ago, or five years ago, or even a year ago that this would be his path, at the very beginning of his adult life he’d be fighting cancer, I’d have told you you were crazy. Not my son. Not us. And yet, here we are, and here he is, KILLING it, beating it. Not every day is easy, some days are worse than others, but the one constant every day is his smile, the smile that tells me “I got this, ma!” (Cuz that’s what he calls me, lol). And I have no doubt you do, son, no doubt whatsoever. ❤️❤️❤️

Someone missed me while I was gone

New ink by the super talented @glitter_shits I will certainly be signing up for more..... a couple years from now when I’ve forgotten how much this one hurt. 😉

So in love with my table, chairs and bench from #MyUrbanBarn. Can’t wait to accessorize now!!

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