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Kendyl • aka Kflo  Opportunistic Eater • D.C. • #gokies


You could say I’m ready for winter

Favorite color to save one of my favorite bays

All black and soft smiles...it’s not a phase mom

Fact: Kombucha is WAY cheaper in southwest Virginia

Note to self: sunsets at the top of a mountain are beautiful but they mean climbing down rocks in the dark (worth it though, would recommend)

French toast is underrated. Also, at 4:30 this morning there was a fire drill in my dorm. If you hold the doors open for too long they start screaming at you with a siren thing and usually people then wait and close the door and reopen it HOWEVER i knew that you could just swipe your card without closing the door and it would stop it. So fast forward to everyone streaming inside like a cattle call and the alarm starts blaring RIGHT as i am in front of the door so i get excited and swipe and end the alarm. After fixing the alarm me in my half-asleep haze announces (very loudly) “THIS WAS MY DESTINY” while hiding in the hood of my fully zipped (like past my mouth) parka. i got some weird looks. That’s the end of the story, thanks for listening.

Hip pop

In honor of every girl that dressed up as an alien this Halloween season:

Wasn’t the only person in this park taking a throwing leaves picture lol basic

Missin’ @true_food_kitchen

The leaves change colors but my wardrobe doesn’t! Ha!

I carved a pumpkin and put it outside my dorm building so it wouldn’t rot and it has been defaced and destroyed #rip

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