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Bryce for Nevada State Senate  Bryce Henderson and my amazing painting dog Arbor. Founder of No Kill Las Vegas now running for Nevada State Senate, District 10, as a Democrat.

If you finally want a state legislator who is not bought off by special interest groups, who has not taken a dime from corporations or PACs and who will only be looking out for your best interests, then today is that day! I will fight just as hard for the people of Nevada as I have the animals of Las Vegas as President of No Kill Las Vegas. If you live in the downtown, UNLV, Strip, Boulder Hwy or Chaparral High areas, then you can vote for me in the Democratic primary.

My opponent has a lot more money than me, 97% of which came from PACs and corps, but I have outworked her. I knocked on over 1,600 doors, sent mailers to everyone else, dominated social media, created a platform that inspires people, had the best volunteers and phone bankers imaginable and one of the most creative and informative street sign campaigns ever seen. But, if people don't show up to vote, it means nothing. PLEASE SHARE and tell your friends to vote for me today.
If you want to read about me and my platform visit

Polls are open from 7am to 7pm.
Here is a list of the polling locations in the district, you can vote at any one of them:
- Boulevard Mall
- John S Park Elementary
- George Harris Elementary
- Winchester Cultural Center
- Robert Lake Elementary
- K.O. Knudson Middle School
- Stupack Community Center
- Cambridge Recreation Center (near UNLV)
- Roy Martin Elementary
- Jack Dailey Elemenatary
(There are others throughout the city)
Join us for the Election Night Party at Shattered Bar tonight at 6:30pm on D.I.!

If you live in my district, Charleston Blvd to Mccarran, it is time for you to do your thing! Early voting started Saturday and goes through June 8th. Election day is June 12th. If you want to see real change for people and animals you need to vote.

How would you like it if campaign signs actually told you what a candidate stood for, instead of just trying to make their name and photo as big as possible? My new signs are up all over the district so that you know what you are getting when you vote for me. This is in stark contrast to my opponent, who has not taken a position on ANY issue and has no platform listed on her website, literature or signs. Early voting is May 26th to June 8th and election day June 12th. If you are interested in volunteering for my campaign shoot me a message!
Help me buy more posters by making a donation at
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My friend Kathy recently purchased the Midtown Bar on Desert Inn with plans to turn it into a dispensary. In the meantime, it is sitting there empty with a fully stocked bar. She has generously donated the space and alcohol to me for a campaign fundraiser! Help Kathy get rid of all her alcohol, and help my campaign at the same time, by coming to the party, Saturday the 28th at 8pm!

At $30 for free drinks and pizza, I must be crazy, you don't want to miss this party. We will have another raffle at this fundraiser so bring some extra cash for the raffle and tipping.

Space is limited, so make sure you get in the door by purchasing your tickets on eventbrite now.… (Vegan pizza will be available)

Address: 953 E Desert Inn Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Please have a designated driver or use Uber.
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Zeke wants to put one of my signs in your yard! If you live in the downtown/UNLV area let me know if you want one! If you think our Nevada State Legislature needs and animal advocate volunteer for my campaign! Send me a Direct Message.
#animaladvocate #bryceforstatesenate

Arbor wanted to join the #iamBryce movement as well by getting her pic behind my sign! Follow her FB page Go Vegas Dog to keep up to date on Vegas' most famous dog, our non-profit No Kill Las Vegas and other animal related issues. If you want to help me purchase more signs they are just $25, you can make a contribution at

Arbor also wanted me to remind everyone to vote for me in the June Democratic primary for State Senate. She knows I will look out for all of her animal friends.
#animalwelfare #democrat #statesenate #campaignsign #nklv #adoptdontshop #dtlv #nokilllasvegas #rescuedog #famousdog

Powerball Jackpot grows to $420 million, you could be the next winner! Oh, no, that's right you can't play Powerball cause you live in Nevada where gambling is so taboo (that's sarcasm). If you want to see that law changed, vote for me and send a message to the state legislature that it is finally time we had a state lottery! I am the only candidate advocating for a NV State Lottery which could raise over $70 million per year for public education. #NVlottery #bryceforstatesenate

Hey everyone, tonight is the big night! You can buy tickets at the door if you didn't buy them in advance ($20). There is plenty of parking across the street at the Arts District or you can park on Main or Casino Center. It will the beginning of a great journey, hope to see you all there!

7pm - Party time
7:30pm - Local musician Richard Cooper performs a cool rendition of the Star Spangled Banner
8pm - A few words from the candidate
8:10pm - Up close magic with Steven and Maria
8:45pm - Raffle
9pm and on - Open party
#bryceforstatesenate #cornishpasty #animaladvocate #democraticcandidate

We started putting up campaign signs this morning, if you drive through District 10 you should see them! And no, the printer did not make an error, and yes I do have a head, but I hope people choose who to vote for based off their positions, not their face, so I chopped mine off in the editing room.

Plus, I don't need to see my face on a poster, but I would like to see yours! If you see one of my signs take a picture of yourself behind it and maybe I will post it.

If you want to help me put more signs up they are just $25 each, you can make a donation at
#bryceforstatesenate #campaignsign #headlesscandidate #huntridge #downtownlasvegas #democrat

At the vet getting a mass checked out, you can see it on my paw. I hear they might have to scrub it. Ouuuuch! #bettergetatreat #arborthepaintingdog

As the President of No Kill Las Vegas, I have spent the last four years fighting for animals from outside the system, whether it was organizing a movement against The Animal Foundation, speaking out at government meetings or protesting puppy stores, but now there is a unique opportunity to take that battle on from the inside, where I hope to be even more effective.
My platform includes issues such as banning the bear trophy hunt, comprehensive animal shelter reform, keeping puppy mill dogs out of our state, outlawing animal traps on public land and requiring veterinarians to report animal abuse. Our legislature does not have a true animal advocate in Carson City, so having me there is crucial to seeing positive change.

Of course, I have many other important proposals that are not animal related such as raising the minimum wage to $15, starting a state lottery to fund education, protecting DREAMers and TPS recipients, capping the cost of college textbooks, reducing auto theft, plus more.

Just like everything we accomplished with NKLV, I CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP. Please visit my website where you can learn more about my campaign, how you can help, and make a contribution. The election is June 12th so there is no time to waste! Thank you in advance for your support I am very excited about what we can accomplish.

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At the Women's March today with @ira0323 and thousands of my friends. #powertothepolls #womensmarch

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