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Ruth Bruten  Ruth Bruten. Music & food lover. Marimekko & Clog wearer. Mother to 5 boys. Drinker of coffee from bowls. Maker of Ceramics.


The scientific magic of Ceramics never ceases to amaze or excite me.
It's hard to believe that the black decoration on the exterior of these Coffee bowls will eventually be the glorious Cobalt blue you can see in the finished bowls in this pic.
These bowls have just been decorated & are currently waiting to be bone dry enough to have their intitial bisque firing up to 1000C.
They will then be glazed & fired once again up to 1280C when the clay will vitrify & become impervious to water.
How amazing is that?!
As Guy says....."Not bad from a lump of mud dug up from the ground"
Ok maybe I'm just a mud dork but I just find it all soooooo amazingly awesome!!! Today I set myself a professional challenge to throw some Coffee bowls in Porcelain (my own little pottery throw down spot test if you will....😊) - this is the most difficult of clays to work with as it is entirely unforgiving. It is also very expensive & so I have remained reticent to use it until I felt as if I could manage it.
But I am super happy to say I had a 100% success rate & threw 14 bowls in just over an hour with very little waste. I am really pleased!! Yay for setting scary goals & achieving them👊🏻 #ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics #muddorksforlyf

This morning I am adding Gold to Ceramic Headdress No3. & it will go back into the kiln for it's 3rd firing.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

Now to add Gold.....
Ceramic Headdress No3.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

Coffee bowls all trimmed & now sitting & drying.
Patiently waiting for the kiln to cool down enough to open up on Ceramic Headdress No3.
Fingers crossed!
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

This morning I'm trimming the bottoms of the bowls I threw a couple of days ago.
This helps refine the thrown shape & get it to the lovely hand holding form that I love to have my coffee in.
These will dry & then I will add decoration before 2 separate firings.
Drying times are entirely dependent on weather conditions and are naturally slower as the weather cools.
These bowls are still a couple of weeks from being finished. And I never know if they are going to be successful until I open up the kiln from that last firing.
Sometimes there are disasters out of your control no matter how careful you are in your work.
This is one of the many reasons I can't promise dates for my finished work.
No such thing as fast work in ceramics!

More Coffee bowl making today.

The first bowl of coffee is always the best

In my Studio this morning.
Clay has been wedged & rolled into equally weighted balls ready to make bowls.
Soooooo many delays keeping me from working.
Desperately trying to catch up!
More in My Story.....

Work in progress.
Ceramic Headdress No3.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

The beginnings of decorating Ceramic Headdress No3.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

Today I start on decorating Ceramic headdress No3.

#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

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