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Ruth Bruten  Music & food lover. Marimekko & Clog wearer. Mother to 5 boys. Drinker of coffee from bowls. Maker of Ceramics.


60+ vessels & 8hours of packing later my work is being sent out all over Australia.
This batch sees vessels going to every state & territory. AMAZING!
Frida Klayo- my ceramic kiln goddess has been working around the clock for weeks to help this stuff survive.
She is currently guarding a batch of juicers, lidded vessels & salt dishes and spoons.
I am hoping to release them into my online store in coming weeks.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics #fridakahlo

Juicers & Salt dishes n Spoons going into a Bisque firing
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

This is this morning.
A bit broken.
It's nearly the end of (a VERY LONG) Term.
It's Winter Solstice.
This spoon that was my absolute fave of the batch I made & it broke as I picked it up to load into the kiln.
A reminder of the impermanence of everything.
Nothing is static. Nothing remains the same.
Lots of things are out of our control.
But it is ok.
I sigh heavily as I feel the loss of hard work & of something I felt proud of.
But then I breathe deeply & let it go.
I've been working really really hard & helping get my kids through a massive few weeks with exams & some big extra-curricular events that mean quite a few 14hr work/school days.
We all need a break.
This morning I am sorting through all the many many orders from yesterdays sale.
I am so grateful for the support of my work.
Whenever my work sells I always have a feeling of amazement- that people want to buy my work! Wow!
So thank you to each & every one of you who follow here & click 'like' & say lovely things & to those of you who can buy my work & DO.
Little bits of my heart are in everything I make & it is a beautiful thing receive your support.
I feel proud, humble, thrilled, joyful & exhausted.
Broken yet whole.
Such great reminders of being alive.
And for that I am grateful.

All Coffee bowls are now SOLD OUT. Thank you to everyone who purchased today & supported my work. I really really appreciate it.
It's a very humbling thing to have people buy what are little pieces of my heart being set free❤️. .

One lucky person is now the owner of this very special 'One-off' tea set.
Some things that I make are harder to let go of.
This Large stoneware Cobalt Polka Dot tea set is one of them.
I love the dimpled sides on the jug that give the holder a sense of confidence & security in holding it.
And of course the large Cobalt Polka dots......sigh🔵
This set is now * SOLD * .
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

My online store is open.
Lots of new work available.
Stock available until sold out.

#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

Loads of love getting ready to be added to the store ❤️
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

On goes the kiln on for a Glaze firing.
I love how the glaze masks all of the vessel & then in a few days when I open it all the prettiness that lies below will be revealed!
Fingers crossed my kiln goddess Frida will keep them safe n sound 🤞🏻
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

Lidded Vessels sitting to dry.
About to glaze a kiln load of Bisque ware before turning on the Kiln again.

As I explained last weekend, I set myself a 'Making Test' each week.
It's a way for me to continue my professional devrlopment.
Sometimes it is a 'Me against the clock' thing or sometimes it is a 'Making something I haven't ever made before' task.
This week I wanted to throw Closed forms to be turned into lidded objects. I have never tried this before as it is quite difficult to get right without the vessel collapsing.
I shared a picture of the closed forms I threw a few days ago.
With a bit of help from the heat gun they were dry enough to turn today.
This is a little video of my very first one after trimming.
I have been practising throwing for 2-3 hours every single day all of this year to improve my practise. It feels great to be seeing the results.
I'm excited to see these as finished vessels in the weeks ahead.
To me this kind of shape is inherently elegant & tactile.
A perfect celebration of Ceramics.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

Full house!

Throwing Closed forms this morning.
These will become lidded Containers.

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