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Ruth Bruten  Music & food lover. Marimekko & Clog wearer. Mother to 5 boys. Drinker of coffee from bowls. Maker of Ceramics.


To my lovely people that ordered Egg & Soldier plates on the day my Flu hit.......
Please know that they are being sent out this week.
Super huge apologies for running behind- I am working as fast as I can to catch up on my work.
I'm so sorry for the delay.

40 years ago Elvis died but in his place one of my greatest mates was born.
@babymacbeth thank goodness for you!
What a deadset cracker you are.
Love you so much.
Your friendship is one of the most joyful things in my life.
Have the bestest day starting off what will be a decade that brings so much joy.
FORTY! YES! Go Macca Go!

Still here......
12 hours fireside.
Still going pretty slow from flu recovery.

The backyard campfire has been lit since 7am this morning.
It's often the case in our backyard all year round to find the backyard firepit blazing.
We sit by it.
Play music around it.
Cook over it.
Boil cuppas on it.
Stand around it.
Poke sticks in it.
Talk about nothing next to it.
Sit in silence by it.
Get smoke in our eyes from it.
Roast marshmallows on it.
It forms the basis for our backyard.
That and our wood oven.
There is something magical about fire.
It is not a boy thing or a girl thing but a human thing.
You don't need anything fancy.
A few rocks or bricks in a circle will do. In fact, for me the less fancy the better......
It's the magic that goes on around the fireplace that is the important stuff.

We are avid backyard campfire lovers.
The backyard fire gets lit early & often.

Oh my little Studio how I have missed you!
After 3 weeks of illness & one & a half of those in bed, today I think I may have just enough energy to pack a few of the dozens and dozens of outstanding orders. I know I will not get them all done so please be patient with me as I am not going to push myself to do any more than I feel able to.
Flu recovery takes a while......
Thank you all for being so incredibly patient & kind❤️
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

Huge APOLOGIES for delivery delays to my customers.
Flu turned into horror Sinus infection still has me bedridden.
3 weeks of no voice doesn't work very well as a mother of five😩.
Hoping extra strong antibiotics will start to kick in soon.
I am NOT GOOD at lying in bed.......

So sorry to those of you waiting on orders.....
I have been bedridden with flu for days & days 😷 & am now running over a week behind schedule.
As soon as I am able to, I will get the orders out.
Thanks for your understanding.
#thesearetheperilsofrunningaonewomanshow #iamthemakerthebookkeeperthewebsitedeveloperthepackingroomspecialistandsomehowinamongstallofthatitrytobeamumtofivechildren #imgoingbacktobed #thisbugsucksandireallyhopeyoudontgetit #obviouslydeliriousaswell 🤤😝

When the Dining table becomes your drying rack....
I'm trying to speed the ultra slow drying times up a little by bringing my work inside.
I LOVE Winter so so much. But it makes the cycle of ceramic work so much slower. There has been a hint of Spring in the air in Melbourne over that last few days.
Although it's been more like the Autumn we missed out on- my PERFECT weather.
A very brisk start to the day followed by perfectly still blue days of about 13degrees.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

Boiled Egg + Soldier plates
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

Egg + Soldier plates are also being put in my online store next week.
Putting another lot in for their final glaze firing.
They will be available in a few different glaze options.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics

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