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(0\_!_/0) Emilio  Just a guy looking for adventure! Traveling as much as I can and as far as I can in a 1967 VW bus named Stitch!

Got my map holder up. Pretty happy with how it came out!

Wow!!!! This bamboo headliner from @bamboomwagens is awesome!
Everything fit really well, and looks great. Installation was also surprisingly easy. I was able to do it my self No problem.
Thanks Jason! 😁😁😁

When you see the word "free", it's not often that the object under that title is perfect... but when I say this Yakima Sky Box is perfect, I mean it!
I have been looking for a good one of these for a good price for a while, and coming home the other day i saw my neighbor putting this sky box on the side of the road. A few minutes later I drove down the street again to find a "car carrier FREE" sign on the side!
Can't wait to get it cleaned up and on the bus rack!!! It even came with the keys to lock it!

So close to being back on the road again! I hope I can finish the wiring up front and have the bus started by Monday night.
Side note: the mosquitos this summer are the WORST they have ever been in a long time!!! Every time I walk in the house, at least ten mosquitos follow me!
Also, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the moms out there!!!

Back together at last!!! Thanks to all the awesome people who make great parts that fit the first time!

So happy to see my hatch back on!
Removing the hinges and installing new ones was VERY DANGEROUS!
If you want to see the process, link to the video is in my bio! Check it out and tell me what you think of the way I filmed it. I tried to make it a tiny bit entertaining, but idk if it takes away from the video or adds to it.
Like always, let me know down below in the comets!

So just to let everyone know, the rear hatch hinges from a type 3 square back WILL fit on a bus!!!!!! This is huge news because You could buy 2 hinges for $100 for a bus, or an entire spring, hinge, and stay bundle for like $25 for a type 3... Just because it doesn't say "bus"
Yay!!! I can finally put my hatch back on!!!

Bus update video now on YouTube! Check it out, link in bio!
#VW #restoration #Vwbus #paint #roadtrip #drive

Fun in the sun!!! Everglades national park is an awesome place! Usually it's full of mosquitos In the summer, but we had no problems with mosquitos today.
#vwfamily #Vw #Vwbug #nature #flkeys #florida #flamingo #drive

Finally able to relax and hang out with @cranksquad_miami in the Everglades!
Had a blast driving Trixie again, even if right at the end of the trip I started hearing the clanking noise from the rear end. It's either something broken in the transmission, or more likely something wrong with the passenger side brake.
Now that the semester is done work on the bus will be happening much faster.

Took out Trixie today to see if the problem had fixed itself. It did πŸ˜‚. Everything seems like it's running perfectly fine.
I lowered it a bit more for this weekends cruise with @cranksquad_miami . Wish the bus was finished, but every time I try putting something on, two more things need to come off to be fixed. Soon though Stitch will be on all four wheels again. Still confident I will make my late June deadline for finishing the bus. Then it's off to Lake Superior πŸ‘Œ.

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