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(0\_!_/0) Emilio  Just a guy looking for adventure! Traveling as much as I can and as far as I can in a 1967 VW bus named Stitch and a slammed 1960 beetle named Trixie!

The city where I am from.
I give this place a lot of flack for being busy and corrupt, but honestly it's not that bad. I think this city has made me who I am. I'm a pretty cautious person, and I try to be patient, a trait not many here have in my opinion.
So Miami, you may be hot, humid, and infested with mosquitoes, but you are home. 😊

I'm trying to figure out what motor I should put back in the bus.
I could keep it stock, 1600cc single port, or I could upgrade a little to something closer to a 1641cc. Not doing dual carbs though. I'm not great at synchronizing carbs, so a single carb is what I want.
Any suggestions? ⬇️Put them in the comments! Thanks!!!⬇️ #vwbus #vw #motor #roadtrip #drive #seetheworld #travel #adventure #adventuremobile

Looking at this view never gets old. The clean air and perfect temperature is also a plus.
This semester is coming fast. In only a few more days I'll be back in class, and stuck in FL for another few months.
But... this semester will be different. This semester I'll be traveling around FL with a few friends from school on our days off. This way, when it comes time for another try at a longer trip, the bus will be tested and ready. 😄

Hopefully I finish my motor soon so I can get back to doing what I love.

Working on a new project! I'll be taking my drone places and filming with 4k. As simple as that!
Check out the link in the Bio for the first taste of what's to come!

I'm finally tearing into the motor that blew on the way to Lake Okeechobee.
When I took off the heads, I could instantly tell something wasn't right. The inside of cylinder #3 is scratched pretty badly. The piston ring must be broken, or maybe the oil went too thin when it overheated.
I'm almost positive it overheated because of a large vacuum leak on cylinders 3 and 4 from the intake. My intake has a spot for power brakes, but since I don't have them, I decided to cap it off with a rubber cap. The little cap broke off on the way back from the lake and caused the motor to run super lean. That combined with the 100 degree heat that day ruined the motor. :( Ah well, time to build it bigger and better.

Past the horizon.
So I took the heads off the blown motor, and found gouges up and down the cylinder walls. I'll need to investigate further, but I still think I might need to open the case.

The trip to Key West today was awesome as always! Was a little hot, but as long as we kept moving it wasn't too bad.
Making new friends is always a plus! @vdubgoonies was great meeting you guys, hope to see you at another ride!

Here's a little drone video of the bus in front of Deering Estate. Too bad there are fences all around the estate. Would be a fun place to explore on foot!

This drone has opened up new worlds!
The world looks different from 300 ft in the air. I can't wait to use this thing in NC! I will have to find a place in the mountains that is safe to fly, national parks are all no fly zones.

Little Coconut Grove drone action!
Today is a perfect day to fly!!! Heading to Key Biscayne later today to get some lighthouse shots! 😁

The bus always needs a good view of the fire pit! 😁

The day might be ending, but show has just begun!
Sunsets are probably one of my favorite things to take pictures of.

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