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GRAN SACERDOTISA DE LOS MEMES  tough aquarian papi learns to love herself 🌹@girlsclubinc 💌 montreal

ur ethnic aunty learning how to work hard and make things without worrying about the outcome or about how people perceive her

as america self-immolates i find solace in duplicating memetic modes of expression with slight variation

i know i’m blossoming into my true aunty form bc now instead of eating stale oreos for breakfast and wondering if taking plan b 3 times in a month will cause my uterine lining to spontaneously combust i catch myself having thoughts like “i must cultivate the garden of my mind” totally unironically

u deserve good things u deserve healthy reciprocated love u deserve the autonomy to decide who u love and what ur belief system looks like u are allowed to take care of ur spirit exactly how u want to as long as it doesn’t hurt others!!! dignity is the new eating ass!!! but please eat ass if u want to that’s cool too!!! ~ & this cute shirt is by @rebogene & all proceeds go to maison marguerite women’s shelter so hit her up if u want one!!!

(screenshot from @eater) i stand in solidarity with the brave montreal women who came forward identifying #patrickmocan as a rapist and abuser. patrick is someone i met several years ago as he was the good friend of a previous partner. when i broke up with that partner and moved to montreal with very little contacts, he went out of his way to be friendly and invite me to events and places where i could meet people. after a couple off-color comments made about women in general i came to question his motives for hanging out with me, which i confronted him about, but he assured me he was just trying to be kind. i then worked the door at a few of his #morningfever parties until i had to terminate both our friendship and working relationship because of misogynistic/objectifying comments made towards one of my best friends during one such party (and i told him exactly why). some time later two friends of mine confided in me separately that patrick had assaulted one of their friends. as my own online platform grew this continued to weigh on my mind and after a lot of thought, i decided not to call him out publicly/online (yet) because these accounts did not come firsthand from people i had a relationship with, and i wanted to respect the privacy and trauma of people i did not know personally. whether that was a wise or “right” decision is something i’m still not sure of, and something i’m going to have to answer for to both my community and the higher power i believe in. but what i do know is that whenever patrick mocan or anything he was affiliated with was brought up in any of my real-life conversations, i was vocal in denouncing him and discouraging others from attending his events or drinking prime mate (the local beverage company he is associated with) because of the “rumors” that were circulating.
i want to commend the women who chose to share their stories for their courage. as a survivor of sexual assault i know how much energy it takes to perform the cruelly unfair task of having to put in emotional and spiritual labor you should have never had to do in the first place at the cost of your own mental health, emotional well-being, and privacy. (continued below)

where is ur favorite place to cry??? mine is the back stairwell at work!!! also in bed with someone else facing the wall after they have already gone to sleep. also fuck cancer season

via @goldnosering
it has been a very tough week for many in the black community, as well as for the muslim community. i would like to remind my followers that black muslims exist, and make up the majority of muslims racially in the US. black muslims face a shitstorm of islamophobic, antiblack, racist, sometimes xenophobic bigotry on a daily basis. if you're going to call yourself "intersectional", realize what community is hurting the most this week. also realize that ramadan still hasn't ended, so black muslims are likely fasting AND grieving. ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ #CharleenaLyles has a gofundme in her name. you can donate at to support #NabraHassanen, you can support her family at for non-financial support, check my story for a repost on how you can help a community near you. 🦋 inna lilahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un. #RipNabra

shame on you @chuckmvp and anyone in the montreal skate community who perpetuates this type of poison. @dimemtl how are u going to respond? how will u exercise the accountability that a brand with ur level of notoriety has a responsibility to own up to? how will u honor the young ppl in this city and internationally who have purchased ur products, endorsed ur brand and given u and those affiliated with u the social capital u rely on to navigate this city and (in some cases) make a living? at the very fucking least for the love of god plz come get ur hot mess of a man bc this is pretty damn embarrassing for y'all to be associated with in 2017.
as a woman-identifying person who has intimate relationships with men, who has or has had sex with men in this community, who has supported its members with my time, body, emotional labor, spiritual energy, money, and in some cases my own social capital, i feel sick and i feel angry, at them and at myself. if ur feeling the same way ur not alone, and this violent, toxic bullshit ends now. no more sympathy for "alt" bros who profit at the expense of the dignity and humanity of women and queer ppl. they get away with it in this city because we let them, maybe because we are attracted to the same clout and popularity that makes it intimidating to speak out against them. maybe because we've all got stockholm syndrome in that regard. i've been there, but i've decided here and now that i refuse to be afraid. if ur MCM or tinder match or friend or roommate's bf or literally what fucking ever says or does wack shit, exploitative shit, misogynistic shit, shit perpetuating rape culture DO NOT engage with him. do not respect him. do not laugh at his jokes. do not fuck him. do not send him nudes. spit out the "free" drink he hands u all over his overpriced shoulder satchel or whatever the fuck one calls those dumbass bags every single one of y'all seems to be wearing nowadays. i'm fucking sick of this and i'm sure as hell not the only one, so let's do something about it. @chuckmvp and @dimemtl do better and do better fast before we push u out of the same circles u rely on for the social benefits u so gratuitously enjoy

fuck this & fuck anti-blackness in latinx communities (especially as perpetuated by white latinx) ~ "jeronimo, a brown man, was acquitted not because of his innocence, but because the 10 white jurors were able to identify with his light-skinned latinx version of anti-blackness -- and established an intersectional kinship built on hatred for black people . . . as latinx folks who often benefit from a hierarchy of racism, we must be vigilant and dutiful in confronting anti-blackness in others and ourselves. as allies for black liberation, the onus is on us to do coalition work and be willing to sacrifice privilege and relationships in pursuit of the struggle." ~ miguel garcia for @thegranvarones

decided 2 b a green lady today then ran into another green lady 😤🥑 i love colors i love summer i love full moons in sagittarius!!!! when was the last time u had a pap smear??? schedule ur next appointment soon if u can also if ur having a rough day listen to dilla says go and maybe u'll feel better love u (also check out this bimch's all gold louis mama is killing it)

what i have to show for the first half of my 20s is a macbook photo library sprinkled with the likenesses of people who tried to domesticate me and failed, along with the knowledge that all of us are changing in microscopic to behemoth-size increments at any given moment and sometimes it's simply that at a particular millisecond you realize that the person whose feet touch yours every third night or so has changed in ways that you haven't, in ways that are fundamentally threatening to the person you think yourself to be. anyways this is an OG kush and durban poison hybrid cross called girl scout cookies

i'm in SHARED, the new book curated by @bloatedandalone4evr1993 and @ssutterlin alongside a v zesty lineup of some of my favorite internet bimchęs ~ preorder it in advance of its july 1 release at the link in my bio 🏄🏻‍♀️

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