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if you, like me, know that #bill62 is an act of gender-based xenophobia, islamophobia, and racism, copy/paste the text at the link in my bio (thanks @mind_bath) and email it to legislators at ministre@justice.gouv.qc.ca (thanks @kushlayer) along with your MP which can be found with a quick google and your postal code ~ can anyone come thru with a french translation of the text that we can use as well? ~ EDIT: link to updated doc with both french and english is in bio ~ thanks to elizabeth mu tan yu on fb for the original english and @sydneyeezy for the french translation 🌹

{TW/CW: transphobia, violence} on monday night in montreal a trans sex worker named #sisithibert was stabbed in her own home and later died in hospital from her injuries.
trans folks are disproportionately at risk for violence ~ many trans ppl will experience some form of physical assault, and that number is much higher for sex working trans femmes. many have no choice but to seek higher-risk means of income generation.
protect trans femmes, protect sex workers, decriminalize sex work in canada because transphobia and ignorance are taking the lives of young marginalized women. to all trans femmes ~ u are cherished, u are valued, u MATTER. my DMs are open to u today and every day.
rest in peace sweet sisi 🌹

bc sometimes a bænch just has to try and thrive under late capitalism @flaremag asked me about building something somewhat resembling a career from memes and how i recharge after a long day at work (a fat joint, dep snacks and season 3 of trailer park boys ~ y'all left that one out but no hard feelings). stoked to be on the #howimadeit list along with so many other "talented, ambitious and driven canadian women with cool jobs". link in bio 🌹

♏️♎️♊️♒️last night was perfect thank u @popmontreal 💃🏻🌹🌌🍯

tonight at @popmontreal i'll be supporting @mmmorelove along with @ouri.riou and @mind_bath opening for @austraaa ~ the moon is in cancer, come anoint urselves with the sweet pop strains of forever ~ we go on at 8 xoxo venus in pisces 📷 @mind_bath

currently on a soul vacation accepting myself as several entities in one learning how to be a better loverpartnerfriend biking everywhere reading voraciously mastering the little things with integrity so i can be trusted with the big things living my north node in capricorn truth trading in my caves of bitterness and hurt for a bedroom with big bright windows bc i deserve it. i wake up and i see sun and green and some nights there's a cat and a boy sleeping beside me and i never thought calm and simplicity could feel this good. no longer afraid of going fast toward the light. no longer afraid when the dark wants to hang out for a minute either. when you smell a flower and enjoy it do you feel guilty? i did for a long time but i'm over it lmao

as america self-immolates i find solace in duplicating memetic modes of expression with slight variation

i know i’m blossoming into my true aunty form bc now instead of eating stale oreos for breakfast and wondering if taking plan b 3 times in a month will cause my uterine lining to spontaneously combust i catch myself having thoughts like “i must cultivate the garden of my mind” totally unironically

u deserve good things u deserve healthy reciprocated love u deserve the autonomy to decide who u love and what ur belief system looks like u are allowed to take care of ur spirit exactly how u want to as long as it doesn’t hurt others!!! dignity is the new eating ass!!! but please eat ass if u want to that’s cool too!!! ~ & this cute shirt is by @rebogene & all proceeds go to maison marguerite women’s shelter so hit her up if u want one!!!

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