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Beat  Writer, cosplayer, geek. Lover of travel, books and tea. 🌻Always willing to answer questions on my cosplays!

I don't want to be a princess
Merida, Disney's Brave
📷: @cwolfeimagingcosplay

Never follow them into the woods. They play tricks and will mark your path back. Once your lost, they'll offer food and shelter but you must never take anything without asking for a price.

Never force the journey. You have to accept the waves as they come.

Know who I miss?
Mars. My partner in crime. Go follow him at @cosmicnoir.
📷 by @cwolfeimagingcosplay

Welcome back to the galaxy
Casual Starfire inspired by @_picolo
📷 by @cosfame

"First rule of magic, luv - Good things come with a price."
Constantine, Hellblazer
📷: @cwolfeimagingcosplay 🚭

Some things break your heart.

Currently helping Indiana clean out his liquor cabinet.

Good times at Jack's Hangar Bar.

It's way too hot and you can barely stay outside longer than 5 minutes but the pure joy I have here is worth any hardship.

Traveling feels counter productive to where I am in life but I'm so glad I'm here. Being able to help my grandparents really helps me step outside my situation and reminds me what I should be working towards.

I am so thankful for everything I have. I hope I can share this positivity to you guys.

#florida #sunset #inspiration #positivevibes #lake

Look to the sky, fly high.
Kara Danvers, Supergirl
📷: @negativelightstudios

Happy 4th everyone! I know people hate fireworks but man do I love them. There's something magical about exploding fire.

Just promise me to be safe. I don't wanna have to fly between rockets. It's really disorienting.

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They say to stay on the path or you'll find yourself in the dark part of the woods.

#nature #woods #forest

Extra Credit
Lily Evans 📸 by @cwolfeimagingcosplay

Ok, I'm cheating bc this is only a preview of the pic Christine gave me but I've been feeling really magical lately. Lily was always a fab and I have headcanons. Don't know why since we know the least about her. Maybe that's what makes her so interesting? Who was the smart girl that fell in love her her ex friends bully and sacrificed herself for her child?

I imagine she's studying in the forest, looking for beasts for extra credit. Maybe she stumbles upon a werewolf or a deer or a dog or a rat. You never know what you'll find in the woods.

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