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Supernatural | Clean Baking  Plant-based food colors, no-soy sprinkles and more creative ingredients for chefs who have fun. Whole Foods | Amazon | ✨Allergy Friendly!✨

Why can’t a piano date a pancake? It needs to B-flat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #weekends #brunchprep #gosupernatural

There’s a woodland cake in here, in fact lots of cake, and tanning gingerbread people, the cutest protein bars ever, a graham cracker that wants to get munched on SO BAD, and oh yes, this very sparkly smoothie bowl. Thanks, as ever, for sharing your creativity with us! Chef and 📸 creds to @toyourhealthbakery @bakedideas @stirandscribble @lizmoody @toneituptink @boddenbites @rosalierouge @tiffanynapper & @ellaa.elizabeth!

Some news: Our sprinkles are on @amazon Prime now, so enjoy the way better shipping rates. (Also: Thanks for being patient, love you guys.) 😘🙌🏼✨#freethesprinkles #plantbasedcolor #vegan

Tomorrow we’re making sugar cookies that look like grilled cheese sandwiches, so now’s as good a time as any to make sure every person we love knows about our favorite place to find weird, rare and super tiny cookie cutters, @cheapcookiecutters (because sometimes life is really boring, then you find a good cookie cutter). It’s where we found goldfish cutters, eyeballs, pills, crystals, middle finger emojis; basically anything a heavy-lidded baker floating through another Monday could want. And for days when you just need a solid unicorn, they also sell totally normal ones. Just thought you should know 😜. #cookiedecorating #cookies #baking #plantbasedcolor #inspo

We just never get sick of stars. ✨ #starfetti #allergyfriendly #vegan
cc: @partakefoods 👋🏼

✨🌈COOL SCIENCE ALERT 🔬✨Some of you have asked us if you can make green by mixing Supernatural’s Magic Blackberry and Yellow plant-based colors. Here’s the answer: Natural colors don’t always follow the exact rules of the color wheel, particularly when the colors are pH sensitive. Some colors, like our Magic Blackberry, can actually produce many different colors, depending on whether they’re in an acidic base (like frosting with a squeeze of lemon juice), or more alkaline bases (like a pancake batter with baking soda). Magic Blackberry is pink in acidic bases, purple in neutral bases, and blue in alkaline bases. So the answer to that question is yes, you can make green by mixing Yellow and Magic Blackberry - but you’ll have the most luck in cake, pancake or other batters where leavening like baking powder or soda is present! Frostings can be harder since they tend to be more acidic, though it’s still theoretically possible. But ours have kind of looked like swamp water, to be honest. Happy (edible) experimenting! #science #baking #naturalmagic

Yup. ☀️ #noartificialcolors #cleanbaking (Design cred to our fav gal @misssz)

Trying really hard to do nothing over here but you all keep posting these ice cream tributes (see also: #vegan cookie dough balls, banana stacks, protein treats, icey cold coconut sugar coffee, and...). Sending so much love for sharing your creations with us! Chef and 📸creds to @cissecocoa @myorganicdiary @hungryroot @thesimplebite @eatwellwithsari @tiffanynapper @savoryspoons @soozys & @legomychampagne

Spot the seashells. ✨🧜🏼‍♀️✨ Happy Friday everybody! #shadowplay #rainbowmilk #noartificialcolors

This is a soccer ball-sized rice krispie treat and our way of saying GO GET ‘EM ENGLAND. ⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #bakeclean #playdirty #worldcup

Happy 4th of July, everybody! Freedom, in all its forms, is one of our biggest blessings and most critical human rights to uphold, and it’s not just about America’s Declaration of Independence. It’s about how closely happiness is related to seeking and finding our own truth, fighting back against all forms of enslavement - from the nastiest kind to versions of our own making, like unhealthy relationships or bad habits that don’t serve us - and standing up for all those things for every single person on this planet. It’s one of the best things we have, one of the most noble things to fight for, and the reason why living in America, despite her ups and downs, is a gift. Have a wonderful day everybody! #4thofjuly #freedom #gratitude

You’re ready. 🇺🇸 ✨

Chef and camera creds to @legomychampagne @toyourhealthbakery @didntijustfeedyou & @stirandscribble!

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