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I remember when we were kids, when we started it all together, when you would have my back if a fight broke out when I was a heavy gambler, you would take me in to hide in your house when I get suspended from school, we would run from the police together when shit goes wrong in the hood, you gave me my first sneakers with the swoosh, we both dissed our friends who started smoking early and decided we won't join in together, till date we both still hate that shit, we dated friends, we've had many mad fights but always found our way back to each other, we've walked together, ran together, took bikes together, buses together, and me and you sitting side by side in a private jet together when things starts getting better is a blessing for our friendship not only for us, our kids will grow together as brothers and as today marks your special day, I celebrate not just your birthday but our almost 20 years friendship. Wish you every good thing in life brother and look forward to spending forever as your brother. Bless up Pac!!! I celebrate you

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