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Gospel for Asia  We are about making a difference in communities—both for this life and for eternity. Transforming communities through God's love since 1979.

Saci was still carrying their first son in her womb when her husband left her—again. It was the second time he abandoned her, and now Saci had to raise their daughter and new baby boy as a single parent.⠀

Saci moved back in with her parents, where she raised her two children. But her father was sick and the responsibility fell on her to provide for the entire family.⠀

Saci worked as a house maid in several homes, but all her domestic labor didn’t earn her much. She received low wages, which were not sufficient for the family’s needs.⠀

One day, Saci was visited by GFA-supported pastor Lagan and a team of Sisters of Compassion. When they began to chat, Saci asked if they would pray for her father’s healing. Together they prayed, believing in Jesus as the One who heals, and they encouraged her to have faith.⠀

Within a month, Jesus did answer their prayers, and Saci’s father received complete healing! This resulted in the family accepting the love and hope of Jesus in their lives.⠀

Then during a GFA-supported gift distribution, Saci received a sewing machine!⠀

With tears in her eyes, Saci said, “My husband left me when I was pregnant. I gave birth to a child, and there was no other means for me to sustain my family. Today I am so happy to receive a sewing machine from [the church]. Now I am sure that I will be able to make some income to support my children and my family members.”⠀

Saci may be alone in raising her children, but now she knows her Heavenly Father is the father to her children and will continue to take care of them in the years to come.⠀

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It was plain to see after some time that she was already broken. She was hurting and you could see the fear in her eyes.⠀

The horse wanted nothing to do with @pierce_todd, who just wanted her to know she had so much potential. Instead of just being a stock horse, she could be what she was created for. But something happened to her long ago that kept her from allowing people near her.⠀

“It’s as if my touch shocks her,” Todd said.⠀

Todd Piece shares the Gospel with people all over the world while he tames wild horses. His ministry, #ridinghighministries, came to Gospel for Asia on April 16, and staff and people from the community gathered to watch him demonstrate God’s love to people as he worked to break—or rather heal—this untouchable horse.⠀

The horse’s behavior and her resistance didn’t change the fact that Todd, an experienced horseman, wanted her to know she was OK—she could trust him. But she didn’t want to be loved. How could she receive his gentle touch when perhaps all she had received before were brutal jabs? Even though it got later and later in the evening, Todd wouldn’t give up on her.⠀

To respect people’s time, he dismissed the crowd that had gathered. Some dispersed, but others instead chose to get closer to the pen, looking at the fearful horse, praying prayers under their breaths for the horse to receive the healing she needed.⠀

Todd continued to communicate with her, trying again and again to build her trust. And then … she stopped running. She stood still, heart beating wildly, and she let his fingers touch her neck. She flinched at his touch and kept a foot bent, ready to run. But a miracle took place.⠀

Somehow, after that first touch the horse was OK. As he stroked her neck, she calmed. Then as the evening turned to night, she allowed Todd to climb up on her back and hug her. She finally came to know this man was not going to hurt her.⠀

Just like Todd didn’t give up on the horse, God does not let us go simply because we have been broken. He longs to call us home to Himself. He stretches out his hands to us to embrace us. He gives us a chance to be fully loved. And we can trust Him with our broken lives.

Millions of precious people in Asia live in grinding poverty. They struggle daily as farmers, day laborers, beggars and scavengers to feed their families. If they had a tool like a sewing machine, they could earn a living and break the cycle of poverty.⠀

Unfortunately, they may never be able to afford one because every penny they make has to be spent on food for survival.⠀

But with the help of supporters like you, 9,702 sewing machines were given to needy recipients in 2016 alone. We hope to distribute 3,000 more sewing machines to the poor in Asia this year. Thank you for helping us break the cycle of poverty!⠀

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“God had only one Son and he made that Son a missionary.” —David Livingstone⠀
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It was plain for the Sisters of Compassion, Mahia, Subi and Pema to see that Dazi was living all alone and lonely. As the ladies gave their time to the lonely widow, they learned her story.⠀

Dazi’s only daughter had died as a young child, the son she later adopted had moved to another state, and her husband had passed away, leaving 60-year-old Dazi without anyone to share life with. She worked laboriously as a house maid cleaning several homes to earn just enough to live on. But whenever the elderly lady fell sick and couldn’t fend for herself, Dazi depended on the mercy of her neighbors.⠀

When Dazi met the GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion, she knew they cared for her and genuinely wanted to help her. Mahia, Subi and Pema shared with her about the love of Jesus, and she realized Jesus cared about her enough to bring happiness and companionship back into her life.⠀

Dazi became interested in Jesus as she listened to the stories and Scripture the sisters shared each time they visited her. She saw how deeply Jesus loved her, and in return, Dazi gave her heart to Him. After receiving new life in Christ, Dazi began to attend church meetings. It was an easy five-minute walk to a believer’s home where services were conducted in Dazi’s village, which meant Dazi could join regularly for worship and fellowship.⠀

Today Dazi knows she is loved and cared for by the Lord. It is because of Mahia, Subi and Pema’s friendship that she is no longer left alone. The sisters check in on her regularly, and they also help Dazi with her chores in her little home. Through the unexpected visitors, Dazi learned the true heart of Christ and now lives a happy life with Jesus always by her side.⠀

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"For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, but My kindness shall not depart from you, nor shall My covenant of peace be removed."⠀
—Isaiah 54:10⠀


The other children bullied Naina because of her speech impediment and she struggled to keep her grades up. The GFA-supported Bridge of Hope staff saw this, but they also saw great potential in Naina.⠀
Check out link in bio for Naina's complete story.⠀

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Millions of precious people in Asia live in grinding poverty. They struggle daily as farmers, day laborers, beggars and scavengers to feed their families. If they had a tool like a sewing machine, they too could earn a living and break the cycle of poverty.⠀

Learn how you can give a sewing machine today! Link in bio!⠀
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“It is only through simple obedience in the ‘small things’ that the Lord can ultimately develop in us the ability to discover and follow His leading in our lives down the road.”⠀

—Daniel Punnose, vice president of Gospel for Asia⠀

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What if you worked hard every day, but it was barely enough to put food on the table and pay rent and other bills? This woman received a sewing machine because of GFA supporters like you, making it possible for her to generate a steady income for her family and break the cycle of poverty.⠀
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A few hours ago, a 17-year-old student started shooting in a Texas high school (Santa Fe High School, 40 miles south of Houston). Up to 10 people were killed; most of them students.⠀

Will you please take a moment to pray for the school authorities, Santa Fe mayor and police that God would give them wisdom? Let's also lift up the families who lost their loved ones today.

Nalah* grew up watching his father labor in the tea fields, trying to maintain his family’s livelihood. The struggle of tea laborers soon became a burden of his own as he had to stop his studies to work alongside his father as a young boy.⠀

In time, Nalah had a family of his own and he became the father of four children, all of whom needed to eat each day and get an education. The problem was Nalah couldn’t provide for them as he longed to.⠀

Nalah sank into a depression and he turned to drinking and gambling, trying to find relief from his many problems. Nalah’s life was spent in misery, while his wife and children suffered all the more from the distance alcohol and gambling brought to their family dynamic.⠀

But just as life continued to spiral downward, Nalah met a Christian, who listened to his sad story. The Christian man then shared with Nalah the testimony of Jesus’ life and ministry. Considereing the sacrifice and love Christ gave to him and the whole world, Nalah decided to give his heart to Jesus.⠀

Nalah and his family soon began to get established in the church of a local GFA-supported pastor. It didn't take long for the pastor to notice Nalah's impoverished conditions and requested that Nalah receive a sewing machine. Thanks to the Lord’s faithfulness, and supporters across the globe, Nalah was given a brand new sewing machine during a Christmas gift distribution held at their church.⠀

Nalah now is not only able to care for all his family’s needs through the sewing machine, but through his work, he is also able to minister to those who come to him for business. With a new life and beautiful future, Nalah and his family draw near to God and see Him transforming them.⠀

“I did not [just] receive a sewing machine,” Nalah said, “but I have received a source of income. I am stitching my neighbor’s clothes, and happy in this service because I can interact and share the [love of Christ] with them.”⠀

*representative image used

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