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G o s i a 🌿  @kisstheberry | Movement student and trainer Human connections | Health | Veganism Gold Coast, Australia 🌱 • stalinska.m@gmail.com


Some people just make your heart light up from the first second you spend in their company. With us it was a car park in Byron Bay, one day filled with sunshine, rosy cheeks, sunburnt noses and so, so much laughter and little adventures. I will see you in few months, my little angel. Have the best time on your home island @oliviaodey ✨ #soulsisters

Sunlight as bright in the air as it was within our hearts. Once again @raypantonphotography ✨ @surfflow_

If there is a human being capable of capturing the idea behind @surfflow_ through the art of photography it would only be @raypantonphotography ✨Human connection. Movement. Ocean. All becoming one through passion and surrender. How purely incredible is this live of ours. ✨ @takkesh @elle_fit

Feelings that are slowly coming to the surface with the first lights of the morning Sun. They are what I live for. Life, this bright, bright gift we were given when we took our first breath. Please, never forget that every morning is a new chance, a new chance to feel truly alive. 🌅 Morning @surfflow_ with all the radiant humans. @elle_fit @takkesh @raypantonphotography @dddeanah @adventuring_home 🤙🏽

Together we can reach higher. So excited for the @surfflow_ this Friday morning ✨ Inspired by my girl @alexz.xo plus @rocamoon and @tanyapoppett I decided to come on board with the 1000 burpee December challenge, keep your fingers crossed for me and join us yourself! #1000fitmasburpees 🤸🏽‍♀️Photo by the one and only @raypantonphotography ✨

Sometimes you need to fly to the other side of the Earth to find your Family. 🎄 Christmas Party 2017 wth my Berries. ✨

Surf Flow • Connection, movement, nature. Join @takkesh on the journey to find stillness in motion, reconnect with the ocean and your own body on the warm sand of the most beautiful beaches of the East Coast. ✨ Totally worth this 4am start to the day. 🤸🏽‍♀️ @raypantonphotography

My home. The day I saw this for the first time everything started shifting within me. My heart just knew and my mind became suddenly so calm, so peaceful. A journey I have started a long, long time ago has finally reached the point I was waiting for my whole life. The air filled with so much magic you can almost feel it on your skin. The ocean breeze and fresh wind playing with your hair and the waves just coming and coming slowly breaking on the rocks. Lungs filled with energy, eyes wide open, skin slowly turning golden from the warm, dry sun. Trust your path, it will guide you. ✨ Incredible shot by @blaze_parsons thank you for capturing this magic, you legendary human. ✨

Everything. What you are looking for is already here. Close your eyes, let your palms wonder up to your chest and feel it. Your heart. Breathe in. There is nothing more beautiful than simply being alive. 🦋

Tonight my heart is just overflowing with gratitude for all of the incredible people that just slowly and unexpectedly became this family of mine. ✨ Sharing this love we have in our little safe place @kisstheberry tonight during our night time treats menu was magic. 🌱 @teshbatkins @danalewis

Movement so natural, yet so neglected. 🍃 Find your tribe and just move, move, move, explore every shape your body creates and every sensation that appears within you. Take time to feel every moment deeply, breathe in and out, bend, slow down and just have fun, because what our bodies are capable of doing is simply the biggest gift of all. Such an amazing night with my girls from @thestudioupstairs_ and @rodjcooper #themovementcollective

My eyes cried today. Driving back through the most beautiful green lands after few heart warming moments with my little lady @oliviaodey down the Coast, I was blinded by the lights of the Sun that was going down to hide behind the hills for the night. As I turned my head I fell in love.
I saw clouds so beautifully purple and turquoise, so gorgeous and vibrant on the never ending journey through the darkening sky. The horizon was almost burgundy and scarlet, turning orange and blue and then fading into darkness with so much grace and beauty I just lost my breath for a moment and I felt tears flowing in my eyes. The green paddocks were overflowing with light, as I was driving and driving through this dream. I was alone but I felt so connected. I hope you know that you were part of this moment, with the Sun going down and the Moon coming up, we are one with this incredible circle of Life and light. ✨
Photography by my little sister @megzrobertson, your talent will always make my soul light up. 🌻

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