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G o s i a 🦋  @kisstheberry | Açaí specialist | Fitness trainer Human connections | Movement | Vegan Gold Coast, Australia 🌱 • stalinska.m@gmail.com

I have realised something today. Magic. We are looking for it all around us. In the morning sunrise, in the ocean breeze and in the warmth of the sand that we feel when we run towards the unknown. What if... What if it is already here, within us? What if it was always here and it's because of it that we can recognise it in other places, views and people? Everything here comes from one source. Isn't that pure magic? • This morning plant based meal shared with four beautiful girls. Happy birthday you incredible little light @freeliving.life #vegan

Woke up to this quote this morning. Thank you @wellwomenhawaii for being so aligned with my intentions today. Words by a gorgeous, gorgeous human being @alex_elle#breathe

They say that Mondays are for fresh starts. This morning I don't feel the need to start fresh, I feel the need to continue. Continue to follow my passion, to reach my goals, to live every moment to the fullest and catch every light that the Sun is sending our way. I woke up today feeling incredibly grateful for being surrounded by the most beautiful and passionate girls, that have created this wonderful bond and space for teaching and learning, for inspiring and being inspired, for showing support and letting ourselves be humble, for friendship. Thank you for being with me every day during this journey that life is. We are the future. #family @amberbooler @elle_fit @megzrobertson @freeliving.life @michellemetanoia @carlyrainbow @anniemiddleton @sarahtmiller @lillian.beth

This morning energy. I can't even explain how it makes me feel to be able to create this space for connections and movement through Sweat Sea and Soul series. Incredibly grateful to my gorgeous @freeliving.life for leading the practice this morning as well as for every beautiful human that came to spend this time with us to flow and breathe in the fresh air and the ocean breeze. We'll see you next week for the running club! ✨ @kisstheberry #kisstheberry #sweatseaandsoul

Being able to create this connection daily makes me so incredibly happy. Not only we can embrace and inhale the magic of this place but also we can give it back in so many different ways. Here is mine. If you are looking for this connection, for a moment of bliss and happiness shared with others, join us on Sunday mornings for a dose of movement, smiles and nutritious food afterwards. • #yogaeverydamnday @kisstheberry #sweatseaandsoul

It takes only one moment to change your mindset and start fresh. Don't wait for any signs, for anyone to give you a permission or for any remarkable day that will change everything for you. It doesn't happen. The power to change everything that doesn't feel right lies within you and you already have it, you have always did. Search for that knowledge, it exists in your heart just patiently waiting for you to simply realise that it is you that will have to take this step. Now. • Starting my morning with a flow with @jessicaolie and @aloyoga followed by a platter of what I crave most mornings, simple and raw. #vegan #goodlife

Is it already September or am I only dreaming? Spring is like a fresh start, a first flower in the garden of your life, time to take care of yourself and slowly become brave enough to bloom. • Morning treats at @lululemonausnz Queen St • #kisstheberry #lululemon

Welcome to the Good Life. • Have had the most amazing time with my beautiful ladies @sarahtmiller @lillian.beth @fitfoodandsoul @ellenweston during our @kisstheberry + @lululemonausnz Winter Warmer Event in the middle of Queen Street in Brisbane's CBD, which wouldn't happen without the incredible amount of help from @tysongregmitch • Switching off to focus on our bodies and energy within us, we have completely forgotten about people running next to us, rushing to work in their suits, with hands filled with suitcases and cups of coffee. Take a step back, realise what's important and say hello to the fresh warmth of Spring! Also, don't forget to check out our brand new menu, it's unbelievably yummy! • #kisstheberry #springmenu

Picture created by @chelseakauai. | As soon as I saw this one, I felt magic spreading all over my body. How incredible is this planet we get to live on? How goregous and breathtaking is nature that surrounds us? Why do we choose to disconnect from what's important, to spend our precious time focused on things that does not matter and spend it with people that don't let us grow? What are we really scared of? Close your eyes for a moment and visualise the life you were dreaming of since you were just a little kid. See it, feel it. Open your eyes and just create this reality yourself. | As you think so shall you be.

Stay close to people who feel like sunlight. • #mylittlefamily

Sweat Sea and Soul @kisstheberry with our beautiful berry @freeliving.life this Sunday morning! Join us for a free community session every Sunday 7 am in our Burleigh store! 🌊

Never have I ever felt so much love and magic around me, soaking up the sunshine in my favourite place on Earth, I'm very, very grateful for this little family of mine and our life here on this beautiful coast. Thank you for spending this day with me, both in person and through all of the incredible messages I've received during the day, I am honestly the luckiest person on this planet to be surrounded by all of you! • #22

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