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• Gosia • Stalinska •  Born in Poland • Living in Australia GC • Vegan Kiss The Berry 🌿 | Açaí specialist Human conections | Stay wild • stalinska.m@gmail.com


I just had to repost this bowl of goodness made by @rainbowplantlife • How incredibly effortless it is to properly nourish our bodies? People seem to complicate this process when in reality it is even more simple then eating processed products. Make time to buy fresh fruits and veggies from your local markets, drink plenty of water and use all this energy to moooove your body. It's that simple. • #buddhabowl #vegan

I think you can tell that I love what I do. Heading off to get my daily dose of berry wonderful happiness. Have a great Thursday! • @kisstheberry #ktbburleigh

My three ladies. • Crissy, Veronica, Wendy. • #familyday #cabarita

Decision to leave behind what is known and safe is always terrifying. After years and years of believing that we should be brave and courageous every single day, I have finally understood that it is okay to feel scared. What really matters is what we decide to do with this fear. Will we let it stop us from doing what we secretly dream of doing or will we consciously choose to use it as an inspiration to grow and explore further our ideas? Feel your emotions deeply and make the most of them. • #feelings

Green energy this morning in Burleigh • #ktbburleigh #greenmachine #berrylicious

Let me show you why there is so much love in me for this place. • #home • captured by my @megzrobertson

Meet Matt, he's a legend. • #ouryoungestberry @kisstheberry #ktbburleigh

Inspiration for today. • @rocamoon • A free spirit that shares her love for movement and health with thousands of people. Based in Hawaii she is living a life she dreamt of focused on expanding her knowledge about the ways we can nourish and strengthen our bodies and raise a thriving family. #seekforlikemindedpeople

The place we call home. • There is a lot of magic in being able to offer incredible food and freshly roasted coffee to people here in Burleigh Heads. But it's not just nourishment that we are about. Our mission is to create a space for people to gather and enjoy every second of it. To laugh, to smile, to rest and find balance between running around during the day and having a little moment just for themselves. Come and join us here in @kisstheberry Burleigh. • #ktbburleigh

Celebrating Amber with Ralphy tonight! Surrounded by the biggest legends. • #kisstheberryburleigh

Mama on the other side of the world. • #homeiswheretheheartis

Thank you for such an amazing midday workout on the beautiful Burleigh Hill! @xtendbarreburleigh#barre #xtendbarre @kisstheberry #ktbburleigh

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