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GORE-TEX Transalpine Run  2 Runners • 3 Countries • 1 Week • 1 Dream / Germany, Austria & Switzerland / Sept. 2nd - 8th, 2018

Aid station bliss. Our aid stations are packed with water, isotonic drinks, coke, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, bread, cheese, salami, vegan spread, energy bars, cake, cookies, fruits, raw vegetables, @hengstenberg_de gherkins, pasta, different soups, potatoes with salt.
Please note, that the entire product range will not always be available at each station but rather throughout each stage. #yum #nomnomnom #aidstations #fuel #energy #feedstation #transalpinerun #tar2018 #keeponrunning

Recovery is a major part of being successful at the @goretextransalpinerun - we have the team @outdoor.physio ready to help and you can even pre-book your appointments online. A few other strategies for post stage recovery include: sitting in a cold creek or fountain, eating right away, rehydrating, self massage/rolling tools, stretching and napping. What other methods do you use? #transalpinerun #tar2018 #keeponrunning #3countries #1dream #recovery #massage

Teams of TAR 💪🏽 One of the challenges of the @goretextransalpinerun is finding a partner who is committed to the training, investment and travel that’s required to take on a race, such as the Transalpine Run. The next step is to dial in on team work, bonding and communications that will help teams think as “one” to be the most successful for the epic week ahead. Talking about fears, excitement and what each runner needs is key. Any tips on what makes you and your partner so strong?? #teamsoftar #transalpinerun #tar2018 #keeponrunning #3countries #1dream

76 days to go until the start of one of the toughest and most spectacular stage running races in the world. #transalpinerun #tar2018 #3countries #1dream #keeponrunning 📸: @wisthaler

+++ SALOMON Zugspitz Ultratrail powered by LEDLENSER 2018 +++ The trailrun community will focus in 2018 again on Grainau during the time of the 8th SALOMON Zugspitz Ultratrail powered by LEDLENSER. This year our host towns are Grainau, Ehrwald, Leutasch-Weidach, Mittenwald and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. These towns will transform into a paradise and temporary home for hundreds of trailrunners from over 50 nations. From the 15th to the 17th of June 2018. This is Germanys biggest trailrun event where participants from the Ultratrail, the longest of the five distances (101,9 kilometres/5.480 meters of ascent), will run around Germanys highest mountain and enjoy demanding trails and stunning views of the Wettersteingebirge. Additionaly to the Ultratrail the event offers four other courses for runners with all different performance levels: Supertrail XL (81,1 Km), Supertrail (62,8 Km), Basetrail XL (39,3 Km) and the Basetrail (25,1 Km). #zugspitzultratrail #goodluck #sisterevent #planB

Our 2018 route starts Garmish-Partenkirchen, Germany where more than 300 teams will take on one of the last great adventures, crossing the Alps on foot, via Austria (stops in Nassereith, Imst, Pitztal and Sölden) and Italy. The route continues from St. Leonhard to the penultimate stop Sarnthein, before on the final day the runners cross the finish line in the city of Brixen, South Tyrol. #transalpinerun #tar2018 #keeponrunning #1dream #3countries

83 days to go! Happy Monday 🤘🏽 #transalpinerun #tar2018 #keeponrunning

Are you considering joining the @goretextransalpinerun 7 day or 2 day event and still need a partner? Be sure to check out our team partner exchange page on our website to see if there is a partner match for you! You can also submit your bio if you haven’t already. There are runners looking to join the 2018 race from all over the world! Link is in our bio 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽 #transalpinerun #tar2018 #keeponrunning #2runners #3countries #1dream #partnerracing

What goes up... must come down! Hope the snow is melting around you so you can get up to the top tops for some mountain training this weekend! ⛰⛰ #transalpinerun #tar2018 #keeponrunning 📸:www.andifrank.com

New branding for the 2018 GORE-TEX TRANSALPINE RUN 😍 #transalpinerun #tar2018 #keeponrunning

Stay tuned for our next “share” article that covers tips on accommodations, camping and transportation to and from each village during the @goretextransalpinerun - coming out soon!! Following that will be an article on training tips, how to deal with a setback in training and where you should be as you enter the last 3 months of training! You can access all of the the SHARE stories via our website. #transalpinerun #tar2018 #keeponrunning

The GORE-TEX Transalpine Run will test your strength, endurance and your will (at some point) over 7 days. Keeping a positive outlook, having the support from your partner and being consistent with your training are all key elements to finishing. Remember... “this moment too, shall pass.” #keeponrunning #transalpinerun #tar2018

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