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Gordon  Scotland. Occasional traveller A (mostly) yellow jacket-free space.

Last light of day

Buffeted by hurricane winds on the bridge, naturally. Porto is full of mutilated umbrellas overflowing from streetside bins

Sunrise, Porto, pastel, postcard πŸ™Œ

Sunrise flooding through the Ponte Luis

As much as I was getting tired of rain by this point, you can't fault some dark clouds for adding drama to the morning light

Stowaway on the lookout for the catch of the day

Ubiquitous monsoon clouds looming over, as per.

These cable cars journey down towards the riverside port cellars. A few glasses of which I'd require before getting into one. There's a stroooooong breeze in Porto

#porto #douro #portugal #visitportugal

Portuguese seagulls sure know how to pose

And they are definitely better behaved than seagulls in, say, Aberdeen - one of which legit snatched a ginsters sandwich from my hands. Probably doing me a favour

#porto #douro #portugal #calem #visitportugal

Last week in Porto. Catching sunrise between cloudbursts on the banks of the Douro.

I'm now home and slowly feeling the last remnants of vino verde and caipirinha trickle from my system. Sad times

#porto #douro #portugal #visitportugal

A cloud capped and wintry Buachaille. I hear its snowing again in lowland Scotland so looks like spring hasn't quite set in

Meanwhile, I'm off to Lisbon where I understand its going to be PARTLY cloudy - my best forecast so far after five days in Portugal!

A colourful abode housed in deepest Argyll. That rocky outcrop is dotted with sheep. No vertigo round these parts

Scottish Highlands |

Lads lads lads 🦌🦌🦌 These guys appeared a few mornings on and off in the land (garden would be pushing the term) of the house I stayed in. Much less tame than some other deer we tend to see. Good. I don't share food.

Sun cresting the mountains of an out of season Positano. Currently missing Italy by some margin...

Edinburgh |

DREICH: Adjective (especially of weather) dreary; bleak

Did get a yellow brolly in the mix though πŸ€—

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