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  Be mindful of others and your surroundings.

Paths of destruction #monsterjam


Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company....

Everyone's Valentine's Day post were so cute yesterday, but I was focused on what should be a universal holiday, cosmic even, the birth of the spiciest hot Cheeto, the most outlandish that will talk shit to you in Spanish, the person that'll make a situation worsen, she'll thrill in the night, kill on sight, ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm applause and wish her a happy birthday, it's SNACKSSSSS!!!!!!

It's lit ☀️💎🌈✋🏽

Some morning walk motivation 💯💘


Fuck the patriots.

When you have barbaric tendencies and the liquor store is closed but the taqueria isn't.

1958-2017 #leftyodouls. Another sf institution gone. It was good to see all the old timers having a blast with one last who-rah.

The homie Dave's far out Chevy van! #goosecargo