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Peace out to one of the best dudes ever. I can go on for days about the impact Darin has left on me, but then y'all wouldn't listen. Long story short, muah, love this mother fucker

@wakathewalker is shitting on everyone with his whip, salute! #sentra #goosecargo

El tiburón y el goose

In the midnight hour, she wants more, more, more.

⚠️ #goosecargo

⛓Break the chains that bind you ⛓


Don't know bout y'all but I was held down today .
🔶🚼⚠️🚸☣️🆚💛📒🏵🍯☀️🌕 ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️UPDATE: my pants got soaked on the walk home.

BART GOT US ALL FUCKED UP! Constantly raising the fare while they consistently get worse. I've seen actual shit on the seats, people shooting up, smoking, etc. even heard stories of sickos jerking off on here. Total fucking mess! I actually stopped paying for it a few months ago, but got caught. They stopped me of all people who blatantly don't give a fuck. So I'm back to paying for this shit!

Good hangs with my parents and Reggie on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Last time I got to see and talk with my grandma she told me to try on this shirt. It was my grandfathers, and it was always too small. Lately I've been very health conscious and working out a bunch. The shirt fits now. It means a lot to me, I will forever rock it with respect. RIP to my grandparents, I'll do my best to make y'all proud as you shine on me.

Insert inspirational quote. 🕊

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