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Adaptation & Change

A lot of things on the trail had changed after our side trip to Boulder about 10 days ago. Winter weather had set into the #CDT in central Colorado, making hiking on the official trail unfeasible. Seeing the snow at high elevation was here to stay, some friends we were hiking around got off the trail and others took different routes. It was sad to see the big group of SoBo’s split up and I respect everyone for hiking their own hike. For Red Bass, Hummingbird, and I we decided to finish as much of Colorado as we could by taking the low routes. Of course at the beginning of the trip we would have never thought of hiking anywhere but up in the mountains, but then again you can never really plan for too much on a trail like this.
Such is life... Mother Nature is unpredictable, you can’t complete the exact goal you set out to do, and the people you’re surrounded by changes. So we do what humans do best, change & adapt.
Yesterday we made it to the southern border of Colorado via road walking, bike paths, and the Great Divide Bike Trail. However after missing some of the most scenic parts of the trail plus 193 miles due to winter storms and fire reroutes, we’ve decided to come back to do it right. Next summer we plan on rehiking the entire state Colorado from border to border along the CDT (or extended CT).
But for now we focus on the trail ahead. Tomorrow we begin our journey into New Mexico, our last 770 miles of the CDT...

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An epic morning above the clouds. #TeamPixel #india #indonesia #indo

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View from half-top
Honestly, its the ONLY view i can get from that place 😂

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you ask, I share: the evolution of an edited photo. swipe left for before & after ➡️. add some brightness (I like @googlesnapseed for partial brightening/sharpening) and get creative with colors 🤗#india #indonesia

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Water is the most perfect traveller because when it travels it becomes the path itself!..........
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@theuncommonbox Featuring MAYUR VYAS @mayur__vyas

What if you met a person today who is alike. would you enjoy the company of his/her thoughts, actions & behavior?

If not then be the change. Its never late. :) •

This is one of my best shot, as it is created with light painting along with the glow of Bombay's architecture. I'd be glad to know your review on this. •

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TubeCredits: @bombayiger It would'nt have been possible for me to shoot if he had not given me chance, he is known for his perspectives. Do visit his profile and i'm you will hit the follow button.
If you like the photo go to his profile @ericparephoto and hit the follow button, he is the man behind this alluring concept with awesome painitings and ideas along with his model she is super stable.

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