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Google ATAP  Google Advanced Technology & Projects is a band of believers & makers of the future. #JacquardConnected - #GoogleSpotlightStories - Project Soli

Dr. Ivan Poupyrev, Paul Dillinger, and Michael Ferraro discuss connecting technology and fashion with elegance.

#JacquardConnected #fashinnovationnyc

Tune in live Feb. 13 9:20 am ET to watch Dr. Ivan Poupyrev speak about disrupting fashion's future today with #JacquardConnected technology and Levi’s iconic jacket.

Integrate connectivity and intelligence seamlessly.


By using tech as an ingredient, we’ve woven Jacquard into everyday fabrics. We’re proud to inspire entrepreneurs like Salvador Iglesias Jr. @DJ_Churches from #ClubdeCuervos. Good luck on Embedded Tech and go Cuervos!

Technology woven in.


Hoping a touch of magic is in all of your holiday moments this year, with more to come in 2019.


Now with Jacquard, you can customize multiple alerts, and keep track of your favorite essentials.
Check out the latest app update to discover your jacket's new abilities.


With the new 'Always Together' ability, Jacquard lets you keep track of the essentials you love. Receive an alert when you move away from your phone or jacket. If you leave your jacket behind, get notified and see your jacket's last known location.
#JacquardConnected #AlwaysTogether

Now create multiple alerts, instead of one.
Assign up to three different abilities to unique alerts, and your jacket's snap tag will quietly light-up and vibrate to notify you of a call, text, ride-share arrival, or if your phone is left behind.
Jacquard gives you the information you want when you need it, so you can stay focused on what's really important.


In order for technology to disappear, it must take the form of everyday objects. It must be woven in.


Your ordinary things can now have extraordinary powers.

Jacquard by Google weaves interactive digital abilities into your apparel and accessories.

#JacquardConnected #REMODE2018

Tune in now to watch Ivan Poupyrev’s talk at REMODE about the future of fashion and Jacquard (live and via livestream). #JacquardConnected #REMODE

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